Saturday, August 27, 2011

finally a craft

Here is a project I did back in June. I never posted it, so I thought I would today while I am resting in bed. :)

I got this frame at DI, but they make them at Michaels craft store. 

I chose paper I liked, traced the frame on the paper, and cut. 

then I put the frame on the paper again, and traced the center of it. 

I then cut out the center. 

I modpodged it on the frame after all that. I had a few wrinkles, woops. 

I then painted another frame I had that was similar, and used the same paper to decorate it with. 

Here they are finished! Super girly and cute. These are for sale at the salon. :) 

That's it for today! Just a quick post on some crafts! BTW- craft night post coming soon. I am figuring out things and then I will let you know when we will be doing it. :)

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