Monday, August 22, 2011

25 a success

kev turned 25 on saturday and we had a fun day. luckily, the baby let me have a throw up free day, and helped me have enough energy to have a little bit of fun. We slept in till 11... I know lazy us. then had eggs for breakfast. we then kinda lounged around the house till his parents came to visit kev for his b-day and give him his present. thanks reva and carl! 

we then got ready, and headed over to Wingers to have lunch with some of our best buddies. can you believe I put makeup on and did my hair? i can't... 

I surprised Kevin with a cool cake that I had his sister make. It was awesome. She did such a good job. It was yummy tasting too- chocolate with a mouse/peanut butter recess middle. ooo yum. She delivered the cake and then took off, but I really appreciated that she took all the time to make it! thank you so much jen!!!

i look like a chipmunk right here. boo. oh well, kevs a cutie pie. 

heres me and my best friend becca. shes such a good friend. I have to brag about her for a min. shes always texting me and visiting me and inviting me to do fun things. we were visiting teaching comp. for a while, till we got switched into a new ward and they arent in our ward anymore. we still keep in touch and she has always been just amazing. shes so funny, and kind, and just the friend I needed! I love her to pieces and I am so grateful for her friendship!! shes the friend that I don't need to talk to every minute of the day to know that she cares about me- and the friend where even though we dont see eachother very often, when we do, its like we can start back up where we left off- like no missed time in between. So very grateful for this becca evans. 

after lunch, we headed to the demolition derby in spanish fork! I really wasn't looking forward to it, but I ended up LOVING it and will totally want to go again in the future. We had front row, and it was super loud, but really cool. 

I sure do love birthdays and I love my hubs so very much. glad he was born so we could celebrate!

prego update: I am 11 weeks along, and the baby looks great. Still throwing up, but trying to work through it. I am getting a baby bump and its super cute although I feel super big already. but, everyone is different. that's one of the things i am most excited about- getting far enough along that you can really tell I am prego and so I can feel the baby move. :)

Well, that's all. off to watch the bachelor pad, yes, its my guilty pleasure...

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Michelle said...

Gillian I love you! I'm watching The Bachelor Pad AS WE SPEAK! What can I say? I love trashy tv.
I'm so sorry I missed Kevin's party! I hope I can see you this weekend, though!! I haven't seen you forever!!


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