Monday, August 29, 2011

craft nights??

ok crafty ladies.

I think I am going to start up craft nights. I am always sooo bored at night and need something to do. I need girl time- and craft time! So craft nights a good idea right? So, here is what I thought we would do.

everyone brings their own project to work on. I have 2 glue guns and a pair of scissors, a rotary cutter, a mat,  glue guns, paint and a few other essentials. Anyone is welcome to use those essentials while they are here, but will need to bring their own things to work on. I also have a sewing machine and pins if you want to use that. This would be fun to make cards at, paint cute blocks, make headbands/bows or whatever.

I would love it so everyone could make the same project but I just don't have the energy to organize something like that.. haha! So, come, eat food, make your own projects, and get some girl time!

you should bring food to share with everyone who is there. I will always have something for you all to snack on- but it's always better when there is more right?! :)

I was thinking of starting next week. If you are interested in coming, leave your email in a comment below and what nights work best for you. I will then email everyone letting them know what night seemed to work the best along with my address and number incase you need it.

would anyone be interested?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

finally a craft

Here is a project I did back in June. I never posted it, so I thought I would today while I am resting in bed. :)

I got this frame at DI, but they make them at Michaels craft store. 

I chose paper I liked, traced the frame on the paper, and cut. 

then I put the frame on the paper again, and traced the center of it. 

I then cut out the center. 

I modpodged it on the frame after all that. I had a few wrinkles, woops. 

I then painted another frame I had that was similar, and used the same paper to decorate it with. 

Here they are finished! Super girly and cute. These are for sale at the salon. :) 

That's it for today! Just a quick post on some crafts! BTW- craft night post coming soon. I am figuring out things and then I will let you know when we will be doing it. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

nothing important

i wrote a baby update on my baby blog, if you want to check it out, you can do so at:

Kev went boating this morning. I was hoping I would feel well enough to make it there, but I just didn't. boo. Thats ok, I am glad he got to have some fun with his friends! In the mean time, I am listening to music and updating blogs and all that fun stuff.

My sister in law gave me a bunch of maternity clothes yesterday, yay! I am so grateful for that, Thank you Amy!

My brother lance invited me to Spotify, you should check it out, its pretty cool.

my mom just flew out to CO this morning to be with my sister for a few days. wish I could go!!

Kev starts school next week.. boo.

I havent crafted for months. i need someone to want to have a craft night so I am forced to craft. who wants to come over and craft with me?

hm. well short blog post for today. don't have much to say. hope you are all having a good day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

if I had money, i'd dress like a celebrity

ok, maybe not really..

but I do wish I had more money to wear the clothes I desire to wear. I look at all these cute outfits on pintrest and just cant help but be a little jealous of the cute outfits out there! I know there is no point in me buying them since my belly is only going to grow bigger, plus they all cost too much for me. I just feel like I dress like a slob sometimes. I buy all my clothes at D.I. (well not all) and there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes I just want to buy something NEW and in STYLE.

for example, I want this:

who doesnt love a white t and jeans with cute boots? plus, this sweater hides a few belly issues.. 

and this. 
again the white t and dark jeans, but added a scarf. i. love. scarves. 

or I could handle this..
look at those boots and the color of that cardigan.. that whole outfit prob cost well over $150. sigh. 

similar cardigan yet again, but different color.. along with medium brown boots and a cute scarf.. green IS my favorite color... 

of course the classy gray black and red.. and the sweater makes it less casual. but, it would be cute with or without. this is your winter outfit right here. maybe add some cute black boots? or red rain boots.. ooo

and if you are going for comfort, leggings, boots, and a baggy sweater wrapped with a belt. i. need. this. 

I just love this coming time of year because all the holidays and smells and clothes... I just want to look the part too! 

a girl can dream, right? :)

*all photos found on pintrest. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Turning my weakness into strengths- not easy to do.

This is a venting post. A feelings post. a when is my weakness going to become a strength post? So, if you don't like those types of post, I warned you.

Today is one of those days that I feel broken down.

It's been a while since I have felt like this.

For so long I felt depressed and no self worth and just so low emotionally that I was ruining relationships. Often when you can't take care of yourself, you cant take care of others either.

So, I decided to take care of myself and go to counseling, and be brave and try out a few different medications. Once I found the one I like, and got used to counseling, I felt like I could conquer the world. I felt confident again, and strong, and brave, and like I was back to who I really was before I got depressed. I mended relationships that were on the fence, I taught myself that not being perfect is OK. I held my tongue when I really wanted to stay something opinionated that could come off mean. I really felt good about myself and where I was headed. I didn't hang around people who made me feel the need to be negative. I gave people the benefit of the doubt. Who knows if anyone has even noticed a change in me.

But, this week, I have felt like I have taken 2 steps backward. Through all of that, I have tried to convince myself that I am not that person. Not the person who has to share their opinion, not the person who gets offended or chooses to be mad, not the person who makes mistakes or hurts peoples feelings. I have tried to convince myself that I was perfectly happy with myself and that I didn't need to blog about how I really felt deep down inside because those were dramatic feelings.

But all of that is a lie. I am not perfect by any means. I always make mistakes. I seem to hurt peoples feelings or not be thoughtful all the time. I seem to take offense to everything. I haven't shared how I really feel for a long time and it feels good to write about it now. To me, it's not dramatic, because feelings are real. I can control the way I react, I can't control the way people make me feel. For the most part, I really do feel as though I have changed from this depressed person to who I really want to be for now. I feel like I have worked REALLY hard to be where I am at now. I feel like I have WAY more good days than bad days. I feel like I rarely cry anymore and that I don't hold grudges. I have learned a lot, but there is still soooo much to learn.

My sister in law mentioned something to me today, she said "God shows us our weaknesses to make them strengths." I know thats true.. but I have been feeling like I am being showed my weaknesses daily and wonder when they will become strengths? Obviously there is still something to learn here.

I just feel so broken down today. I feel emotionally drained. I have realized that something that really makes life hard for me is when I hurt someones feelings un-intentionally and its taken so serious to the fact that the person can't see who I really am or what I really meant. I don't even have time to explain myself. I wish I could stop myself from ever hurting peoples feelings, but I am only human, right? I do feel as though I recognize that I am at fault many times and I feel like that's the first step to changing. But when is the change going to happen? Am I always going to struggle with feelings of self consciousness? Am I always going to struggle to feel welcomed or accepted wherever I am? Some people may think I am strong, but I feel so weak at times.

I look at my sister Adrianne- now that's a strong woman. Someone who has just gone through the loss of her child, and yet can still find positive things to say and find the time to call me and check on me and give me advice. I want to be strong like that. Strong enough to put my problems aside to help someone else. Someday.

But- at the same time, I do feel as though I am a thoughtful person. I do occasionally send cards or give gifts to neighbors. I call my siblings or text my in laws that I love them. I babysit free and willingly for anyone. I do hair free for family. I cook meals for people who had a baby or are sick. Not trying to boast for what I have done or to get credit, I just wanted to remind myself of the things I have done so I know I am not that terrible of a person.. right? I feel like I have done a lot, but has it been enough? I know there is always room to improve.

I guess it's always a good reminder for someone to tell you your flaws because it helps you want to improve. But, I won't say it's easy to hear people point out your flaws. And this week, its been apparent that I have a LOT of flaws.

heres to keepin it real. again.

25 a success

kev turned 25 on saturday and we had a fun day. luckily, the baby let me have a throw up free day, and helped me have enough energy to have a little bit of fun. We slept in till 11... I know lazy us. then had eggs for breakfast. we then kinda lounged around the house till his parents came to visit kev for his b-day and give him his present. thanks reva and carl! 

we then got ready, and headed over to Wingers to have lunch with some of our best buddies. can you believe I put makeup on and did my hair? i can't... 

I surprised Kevin with a cool cake that I had his sister make. It was awesome. She did such a good job. It was yummy tasting too- chocolate with a mouse/peanut butter recess middle. ooo yum. She delivered the cake and then took off, but I really appreciated that she took all the time to make it! thank you so much jen!!!

i look like a chipmunk right here. boo. oh well, kevs a cutie pie. 

heres me and my best friend becca. shes such a good friend. I have to brag about her for a min. shes always texting me and visiting me and inviting me to do fun things. we were visiting teaching comp. for a while, till we got switched into a new ward and they arent in our ward anymore. we still keep in touch and she has always been just amazing. shes so funny, and kind, and just the friend I needed! I love her to pieces and I am so grateful for her friendship!! shes the friend that I don't need to talk to every minute of the day to know that she cares about me- and the friend where even though we dont see eachother very often, when we do, its like we can start back up where we left off- like no missed time in between. So very grateful for this becca evans. 

after lunch, we headed to the demolition derby in spanish fork! I really wasn't looking forward to it, but I ended up LOVING it and will totally want to go again in the future. We had front row, and it was super loud, but really cool. 

I sure do love birthdays and I love my hubs so very much. glad he was born so we could celebrate!

prego update: I am 11 weeks along, and the baby looks great. Still throwing up, but trying to work through it. I am getting a baby bump and its super cute although I feel super big already. but, everyone is different. that's one of the things i am most excited about- getting far enough along that you can really tell I am prego and so I can feel the baby move. :)

Well, that's all. off to watch the bachelor pad, yes, its my guilty pleasure...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday Kevin!!

I already posted this on my family blog, but wanted to post it on here too.

It's Kevin's 25th Bday today!!!!

I love my husband so much. Marrying him was the best decision I ever made. He is so kind, funny, silly, smart, hard working, soft spoken, and adventurous! He takes such great care of me and I am glad I get to spend forever with him. Here are a few pictures I wanted to post :)

this is our future- this is Kevin as a little boy, haha! Hes the cutest thing ever! Our baby will be adorable. 

Kevin used to have hair crazier than you Dave! This was him in high school. 

the thing I love most about his physical features is him smile.. his teeth are PERFECT! I love seeing him smile. 

he's an amazing snowboarder. yes, this picture is of him. i wish I could afford to buy him a pass. 

this picture was us at our family reunion last weekend- we all made tie dye shirts. 

he's such a silly boy sometimes. I love that he has a fun silly side!

All in all, I love my sweet husband and I hope he has the best day ever! I can't believe he is 25.. we are growing up WAY too fast!  I am taking him to lunch with about 15 of our friends to Wingers tomorrow and then we are going to the demolition derby at the Utah County Fair. I hope he has fun!

Happy Birthday Sweet heart! 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

a quick update from the absent blogger

It's been a month since I have blogged. Oh. My. Crap.

That can't be real??!

Well, it is. Woops, my bad. Sorry everyone. We have literally had the craziest last month ever. First off, I lost my camera charger, so the camera has been dead for a month. So I havent taken pictures, and I can't blog about other pictures, because I cant even turn the dang thing on. I need to get a new charger, but until then, it's all words. sorry.

Second off, we found out we are PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really happy about that one. You can read about the story here:

Thirdly, We celebrated our 2 year anniversary! (long post coming about that one.) We didn't get to celebrate it until last night, and we went to Chefs table (where I ordered a $44 steak... mmmmmm we had a gift certificate haha) and then to a movie. It was a really fun night with the hubs. love him so much.

and lastly (but most important) , something really sad and hard happened. My sweet sweet angel niece Laila passed away at 11 weeks old. She passed away in her sleep. I want to respect my sisters privacy so I won't write details. But I will say that It was a hard week as a family and I want my sister to know how much I love her and look up to her. Her faith and strength is amazing and I don't think I could ever hold as much dignity and strength as her in a situation like this. She is the mother I want to be someday and I hope she knows that she is in my prayers and I pray for comfort for her and her family every day. Love you Adrianne.

Blog posts that go into more details about all the above points coming soon... but for today, all you get is a hello and quick update.

BTW, i'm due march 12th, and I am 9 weeks along now. :)


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