Sunday, July 3, 2011

printables while sick in bed!

today I am not feeling well. I am very tired and had sort of an upset stomach and a headache all morning. I decided to stay home from church, but Kevin went ahead and went. I haven't been sleeping very well, (like thats new news!) so I think that contributes alot to the fact that I am not feeling well. It's been nice to lay around in bed all morning. 

So anyway, I bought a bunch of books at DI the other day, and one of them is a quote book. It's called Pocket Positives, and it has a lot of good quotes in it! I found this quote in it below, but it was worded a little differently. I re-worded it and made it into a printable for you all to have. I love this quote- it's so true. I have been thinking and talking a lot about what a real/true friend is. I think this sums it up. It's someone who see's all your imperfections and still loves you for who you are. So, try to be that friend that loves people  even through their imperfections because none of us are perfect! 

Go ahead and download it by right clicking it and saving it- but make sure to give credit to me if you share it on your blog/facebook or whatever. Thanks! More to come today!

Here is a more simple one- incase you just wanted it this way. 


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