Sunday, July 3, 2011

building my business

So I havent talked much about my new salon (Haven Salon) on this blog, but I LOVE it. I couldn't be happier. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, and so good at hair. 

It's a complete change from salon on the ave. At salon on the ave I felt like I always had to watch my back and like everyone was always fighting. The worst part was the management there, she was always changing rules and making us do discounts when really when you pay booth rent it should be you making decisions and discounts when you want. Booth rent gives you freedom ... but Its completely different at my new salon! 

Sure, there are rules, but they are structured, and I LOVE The owner and the manager. Everything flows so well, and they have been so kind as to giving me extra clients that they can't fit in or that are call ins. They all are married and have kids and are just mature- which I love the most about it there. It's just so CHILL! and, not only that, all of us talk to eachothers clients and what not. It just always feels like a party! I am so lucky to have been given a job there. I was telling kevin the other night that I hope I can stay there forever!!

anyway, as always, I am building my clientele still. I am getting very very busy, and am booked some weeks and it's been amazing! But, I can always do more, and always continue to build more. I REALLY want to be able to make enough for kevin to quit his job at CR in the morning- because he gets so tired working 9-1 at CR and 3-11:30 at USSynthetics. If I can make more and be booked EVERY week, he can quit! So, pressure is on :) Haha, no not really, but I would like for him to have some free time to relax!! and of course, so I can spend more time with him!

so, I am trying to get more 'likes' on my facebook page. people these days are ALWAYS searching the internet for salons and millions of other things, and I want lots of likes on my facebook page so I can keep up with others in the salon world. I also want likes because when I post on there, people see it in their feed and go, "oh yea! I need a haircut! I better call her!". It's such a great tool for businesses to keep their name out there. so....   

Friends, if you have not liked my salon page yet, PLEASE do so! I need the support! I am trying to build up my business even more than it already is. I am always doing special discounts/giveaways/beauty tips on my FB page but they are only available to those who 'like' my page. Click on link below to take you to facebook:
Please like the page, and share with your friends! When I get up to 200, I will giveaway haircuts for a year to one lucky person! For all others that 'like' and share the page with friends, I will give $5 off your next service. please please please support! Thanks!

thank you all so much. I really appreciate it. I think the reason why I have low likes on my page right now is because with my salon on the ave page, I had over 400 likes. but now that i deleted that page and switched to this one, I think people are still confused as to why to like both pages? or people are just lazy and don't want to like it. haha.  so, just know that gillian at salon on the ave is GONE and this haven salon one is the only one I have. Even if you are family or friends that don't live here, please just like my page if you like the beauty tips I share or if you support me. Thanks, it means a lot!!


Sonya said...

Girl if I lived closer I would definitely have you cut mine. And not to mention color it for me as well. It's a little over due! :)

The WholeFamDamily said...

you're so cute! wish i lived further south so i could get my haircut, i'll totally "like" your facebook page! and that pillow case out of an old sweater?? HOW CREATIVE! i love it! :)



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