Monday, June 27, 2011

the skinny days

This last month I have been kickin my butt at the gym! I am so proud of myself. I have worked really hard. I went to the doctor a month ago, and she told me that I needed to loose some weight to help out with the whole ovulation thing. Also, my BMI was 26, and thats un healthy for my height/age. So, we worked out a plan, decided I would work out a ton, and only have around 1200 calories a day for the first little while. 

these were my skinny days. the days when I ate whatever I wanted, and felt good in all my clothes. ah.. the skinny days..

this was 9th grade.

this was 2008

2007 I believe, after I graduated. I was extremely skinny and fit then.

2005, when we took my brother to the MTC.

2007 I think. it was december, my bday, and this was a good time to be in a swim suit.

and i have no idea when this was. prob 2007 summer that I graduated.

well, skinny got taken over by fat. but skinny will soon reign again!!!

This part is really really REALLY hard for me to post. So, just know that I did this so I can look back and remember how I looked, and remember that I never want to go back! I never wanted to be overweight. I used to be this little skinny thing and then with birth control and stopping dancing and being as active as I was in high school, added lots and lots of pounds on me. I hated the way I looked. I always felt super fat and ugly. I always felt uncomfortable. I didn't feel sexy. I had to look at myself in the mirror every day and realize that this is NOT how I wanted to look. And for that, I needed to change! So, no more of this! 

So, here I am, keeping it real... Before: 180 pounds- my HEAVIEST weight. uuuughhh (sorry for the sports bra and spandex, it gives you the idea though of my flabby belly!) This was taken on June 1st, 2011. 

oh man. I want to cry when I look at this. just 3 short weeks ago, I was this person. People were always asking me how far along I was. I hated that question more than anything. I usually just responded, "i'm just fat." I cannot let myself get like this again. Granted, I wasn't eating any differently than I did when I was skinny. I just wasn't being as active as I was, and my metabolism slowed down a lot. Also, a side affect of PCOS is weight gain. So, I am going to have to try REALLY hard to work on that. Again, I am super embarrassed about this, but I had to post it so I can remind myself where I was, and where I never want to go again. 

During: This is me as of TODAY, June 27th, 2011. I now weigh 169, a total of 11 pounds lost in about 3 weeks! You can't tell as much what my stomach looks like because of the tshirt, but I can definitly tell a difference, and I already feel better about myself!
My tummy is getting flatter, my legs more toned (my legs have always been kinda strong), and my arms are more toned as well. I can't wait till i get to my goal weight- 150 pounds- and can continue to shed off the weight and maintain a healthy BMI and diet. 

so, go me go! I will keep updating my progress. I can do hard things! 
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The Duke said...


PaigeE said...

I am 20 pounds heavier than I was before Maddox. BUT, unlike you, I can't find the motivation. I'm proud of you. I couldn't be that dedicated. You're lookin' smokin' hot.

A Day in the Life... said...

way to go, girl!! :)

Michelle said...

Good for you Gill!!! Keep up the good work! I have also been having a hard time with the weight gain. I find that taking pics of yourself as before pics is very motivating!

The Almonds said...

good job! you look great, it would take a lot for me to post a picture like you did but I think it is important to be able to look back at how far you have come..And at least for me it would be a reminder of where I don't want to be again. You are perfect :) good luck, and keep working hard it is paying off.

Jess said...

I'm at my heaviest right now and this post is very motivating! You are BEAUTIFUL, Jill, and I think you sharing this is going to help a lot of people. You rock, keep it up! :)

ashley.warner said...

you go girl.
I am at my heaviest right now as well and I have started eating gluten-free and have been eating so much healthier.
You're an inspiration.
I was debating on going to the gym tonight or not...and you've motivated me.
gym here I come.

thanks for sharing this. you're a beautiful lady. keep up the hard work!

Chad and Ash said...

Thank you for your honesty and willingness to share all about this. It truly has given me a lot of motivation. Today was one of those "fat/depressing"days and I really needed your post, so Thank you.

Steve and Estella said...

Gillian, you look so great! Again, I love how "real" your blog is! I actually started a workout program today! Which gym do you go to? If it is 24 hour we should totally go together! I had the hardest time running on the treadmill for 30 minutes, so I could definitely use someone to motivate me!

beckaboots said...

So did you know that we are long lost twins? Who go through pretty much the EXACT same experience... at roughly the EXACT same time!

I used to be a skinny little thing as well, especially back when I was a dancer (I was a swing dancer and danced 6 days a week). When I got married I quit dancing, went on birth control, and gained a lot of weight.

Getting pregnant didn't help the weight thing and now that I'm able to work out, it has been so hard but I'm committed. I just started back again today so we will see.

So anyways, good luck and keep at it! You are doing so awesome! I hope I can lose as much as you :)

P.s. I just took "before" pictures in my sports bra today! Twins, I'm telling you!


Alexis Kaye said...

Yes you can! holy cow! That's so great of you. Most people hate that they gain weight, complain about it, and do absolutely nothing else. Good for you for doing something! I think you look great, and more importantly, sounds like you're getting healthier :)

Kayla said...

Exactly what you said, GO ME! You Rock Gill! Losing weight is so hard. So good for you for stinking to it! I have a gym pass but normally stick to SF, I wouldn't mind venturing over into Provo. Let me know if you need a buddy! You seriously are awesome and such an inspiration! Keep up the good work! Its super hard because food is amazing!
And you rock even more for posting those pics. I love how real you are on your blog. There is nothing fake about you and I LOVE It!!!
11 lbs is super great! GO YOU!

Kayla said...

Sticking to it...not stinking...Hello!!

Amy said...

You look great! Its important to like yourself even if you are a little over weight! keep Up the HARD work!!

Adrienne said...

way to go!!! you are so determined i love it!! i have always looked up to you and now i do even more! :) love you and keep up the good work!!

Ty and Whitty said...

holy crap girl 11 pounds in 3 weeks you are awesome and such an inspiration. Good job hun seriously that is amazing and you should be sooo proud your yourself

Bre And Drew said...

Mega props to you! For being brave enough to post this, AND for being brave enough to change your life for the better! I have had the same problem, I used to eat whatever I wanted too and it didn't matter cause I danced 4+ hours a day. But now that I don't, it catches up with me so fast. When I had to start eating healthy I was so angry and felt like I had NO options. I didn't want to only eat salads for the rest of my life! Anyway the program Live The Life changed all of that. They give you healthy meal plans and workout schedules and accountability to keep you sticking to your goals. You're already doing GREAT on your own, but if you feel like you're stuck eating the same thing and you want to find some healthier options or talk to people in the same position as you, look into it. email me at if you want more info. Way to go, I think you look great! you can tell you feel better in your skin already. :)

Bre And Drew said...

not "healthier options" just if you're looking for some variation. They're so great. Also I don't know if you have already or not but check out my blog We post easy, healthy, and yummy recipes so if you need a little inspiration check it out!

Chelsea said...

Uhm. I think you look awesome! And you must be tall girl . . . because you look lighter than 169.

Way to go!

Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

So I was going to comment on this post forever ago but couldn't find where to! Anywho, I am so proud & inspired by you! You have the means & motivation (both which I lack big time) to do what you want & need! You have done so much; just keep doing it!

Glenna (OFFICIALLY) Bartlett said...

I don't you and happened to stumble upon your blog and I am in awe at your courage...I am seriously SO proud of you! Congrats!


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