Saturday, June 4, 2011


i have these spring blocks that sit on my front table as you walk in. occasionally, kevin and his friend like to change them up to say different things. i had santa ones during christmas, and they always changed it to satan. yea. haha. so, the other day when my relief society presidency came over (from my new ward, and they are older ladies in their 40's) i didn't think to look at these blocks and change them. they were visiting with me and all the sudden, i looked at the table, and noticed kevin had changed them again. this time, they changed them to NIPS. like nipples. oh. my. gosh. 

i was embarrassed. 

i hope those lovley ladies didn't notice or think anything of it. 

because i am pretty sure my face went BRIGHT red, although i didn't say a word. 

nips. ugh.


Michelle said...

This is hilarious. :) Love it!!!

chelsey said...

FYI~ 40's even if it's late 40's isn't old, sweetie!! You're just a youngin!

Kev's gonna get himself called into the bishop's office if he keeps that up. Ha! How fun for you! :)

Amy said...

LOL, had to show this to Cody, he laughed :). Silly boys.


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