Friday, June 24, 2011

my loves too big for you my love

we've had lots of fun things going on this month. its been a month full of family and good friends! 
kevins best friend from when he was little FINALLY got married to an amazing girl Kenna! 
She has become my best friend and it was so fun to be there on their special day! the ceremony was just so sweet and they both cried :) we love them, and i have to say they are one of our favorite couples to hang out with! they are so chill and relaxed. 

heres some of my favorites i snapped and edited from the day. 

she truly looked like a princess!!!

best buddies foreva! dont mind my roots.. its been a while.. i need to get them done!

michelle, kenna, and I

So their wedding was awesome. They are both in theater. He is studying cinematography/videography whatever you call it, and she is doing theater makeup. Shes AMAZING at it too! Because they are both in theater, they decided to do their reception in a real theater!

they did it theater style but still kept it very classy. they had popcorn, cotton candy, candy, nachos, soda, cake, all kinds of fun things! 

it was a lot of fun, and they are STILL on their honeymoon (its been 2 weeks!) and we cant wait for them to come home and hang out with us!

my amazing and talented husband made me a really cool shelving unit. he got an old door that was laying around at his work, cut it in half, and added some shelves in the middle of it. I LOVE it. we were going to paint it white, but I like the way it looks with the chipped paint. It looks more vintage. What do you think?

I have re-decorated it now that I have a few things, I will have to post a new picture when I get a chance, but this is just what I threw on it the first day. 

I think it helps the room look more homy and welcoming :) good job babe!
Kev also said he will be making more of them, and we will be selling them for around $200. If you want one, let us know. 

we've had lots of family parties the last month. my sister adrianne is visiting from CO with her 4 kids and hubby. Shes going to bless her baby on sunday- and so is my brother adam going to bless his baby boy. We had a b-day party for adriannes little boy Isaac the other night with all the cousins that live here in ut and the siblings and whatnot. We did a water party. It was such a blast! i took these pictures from my mom- i love them!

this is me lovin on my nephew austin. hes such a happy boy! he makes my heart melt. He is always smiling and laughing. i LOVE him!

here are 3 of adriannes kids and one of adams eatin BBQ food and waiting to get wet!

my mom captured this pic of me holding laila- adriannes new baby. shes so sweet. she has so much hair, and i love her big smile!!! this pic is kinda weird because my neck looks disconnected from my head hahaha... but I love the baby. :) if you havent noticed, kids are kinda my thing. I love them. I need some kids... 

the other night my mom and I took some newborn pics of laila. i bought the bow for her, and we put her in a basket with some tulle my mom had. she was SO good and sat still the whole time! shes so beautiful. I will post more pics when I get them off of my moms computer.

lastly, holy crap. I can't believe how old Ammon is. he's 15 now. Hes going to be 16 in october. Can you believe that? He still amazes me and I love him more than ever. Here he is with his best friend Devin. Ammon is the happiest person ever. It's such a blessing to have him in our family. 

well, todays gonna be a good day. off to go craft and have a fun day OFF! 


A Day in the Life... said...

that old door shelf is the cutest thing!!!!! props to your hubby! :)

The Duke said...

I actually like it with the chipped paint. It looks cool. I wouldn't mind one of those shelves... Maybe I'll talk to you about it one of these days. Good job, Kevin!!

Michelle and Landon said...

love that picture of us and kenna! and I love that shelf kev made!

Alexis Kaye said...

hope you enjoyed your day off! You and your husband make such a cute couple. And it's true, you do look really good holding a baby ;)

Dave and Tana said...

The pictures are great!

ashley.warner said...

that shelf is so great!
and that wedding dress is amazing! love it!

love your blog.


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