Sunday, June 5, 2011

miss salem 2011

i had the opportunity to be rachel fitzgeralds hostess for miss salem this year! she did such an amazing job. i was so proud of her. we have known eachother for about 10 years and i just love the girl more than anything! she had a great platform focused on service. 

two nights before the pagaent, she asked kev and i to come chaperone a huge party she was throwing to raise money for koins for kenya. she raised about $400 that night! 

there were so many people there. she had the pool heated to 95 degrees, the wii on with just dance, tons of food, a movie going, the pool house full of people... it was insane. here is her with her best friend eric merkley- who recently lost his leg to cancer. he was so amazing to come!

now starts the pageant stuff! we did her hair huge for the opening number. 

her and her bff melanie

i love my girls!

rach whitened her teeth like a half an hour before.. bahah. 

all the girls who were in the pagaent 

right before the show started! all dressed in her opening number outfit!

warming up for her talent- a contemporary point dance

her AMAZING dress. by far my favorite one of the night

waiting to find out who won!

.. and it's RACHEL!!!! Wahooo!!!!!!!!!!

i was a proud lady at that moment. haha. the royalty is great too, the other girls deserved to be in royalty with rach. 

here she is calling her brother who lives in AZ

i am so thankful to have been her hostess. she is the most humble amazing person in the whole wide world and i consider her as one of my most very best friends!

rach and eric! so happy he came!

it was an amazing night.. cant wait for miss utah!

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Amy said...

I'm sure you were a fab hostess, love all the photos and looks like you had oodles of fun (all while looking pretty!)


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