Saturday, June 4, 2011

the miracle of birth and updates

my sister in law amy just had her 4th baby- his name is Samuel Ashby Clark. he was born on Memorial Day at 7:18 am and was 8 pounds 6 oz. and 19 inches long. i had the pleasure of being invited to the birth! let me tell you what, it was amazing. from the time she was prego, she invited me to come to her ultra sound to find out the gender. it was really great to be able to be there to hear the heartbeat and find out the gender. i loved it. 

at the birth, amy did amazing and i was SO intrigued by everything they do. the birth was simply an amazing experience. i loved every minuted of it. they even let me cut the chord! i think this little guy will be my BFF. i already am so close to her other kids too. 

hes the cutest thing ever and came out perfect. thanks amy for letting me be part of your very special day. i felt special and flattered that you wanted me to be there with you. it was truly an experience i will never ever forget. love you little sammy!

my favorite picture ever.

it didn't really make me sad that it wasn't me having the baby. it mostly just made me excited to experience it when the time comes. now i know a little about how things go and it doesnt scare me as much anymore. i am amazed at how birth happened... haha! what girls have to go through. 

btw- since we are talking about babies, updates on the whole PCOS thing- TMI:  i was on metformin for 2 months, and had to go off of it. it was terrible. i have never been so sick in my life. everything i was eating was going straight through me and i hated it. i felt like i was going to throw up all day long. i now have a doctors appointment monday to see what the next step is. try a different medicine i hope.. through the 2 months i was on metformin, i didn't ovulate. a little worrisome about that... but, i know it will work out! 

another update i wanted to give was about the job situation. i have decided to give my two weeks to my lehi job. my boss at the salon told me they have been turning down tons of people, and want me to work more so i can make more! thats a good sign. i prayed about it for a long time and just felt like i needed to do something for ME for once. i just want to be at the salon and work hard to build up my clientèle even more. I feel great about my decision i know things will work out. my spiritual and physical well being was lacking so much and i am looking forward to having more time to serve others and to work out. (!) 

kev and i have made new friends in our ward. we love it more than i could have imagined. everyone is SO great and so loving and friendly. our new friends alex and allison are AWESOME And we love hanging out with them! of course i still miss my awesome becca and alex evans from our old ward... we havent seen them forever. so becca if you are reading this, CALL ME! :) 

ALSO! Kevin got a job at u.s. synthetics! yay! thanks to all those who prayed for him to get that job. im excited about it :) he will still stay at CR in the mornings, because his job at u.s. wont start till 3 pm. (i know, im never gonna see him...)


Christene said...

Hey Anthony works thereand so does my Dad! It is really an awesome job. They are so good to their employees and they have bonuses and really great insurance! Anthony did the 3-11:30 shift for about a year and it was hard, but they do get paid a little extra after 6 so it does help. Plus you could go eat dinner with him. They have a little restaurant thing so you can either bring food or buy it there and its not too expensive. Anyways congrats! I'm sure he'll love it!

The Almonds said...

I am so happy that he got the job!! That is awesome that will be so good. And I am glad your doing something for you for once, it may be a struggle for you guys at first but the most important thing is that you are happy about your decision and that your loving what your doing. Thanks for letting me read all of your posts on your blog it really makes me so happy when you have a new post :)

chelsey said...

Congrats on the job Kevin!!

Also, I'm happy you got to share in the experience of watching Amy's childbirth. It's truly a special thing. He really is a beauty!

Kira And James Morris said...

Wow! Thanks for all the updates! Glad things are looking up for you and your and your hubby! I hope things only keep going in that direction. :)

lauramunn said...

I was on Metformin for just over a year as treatment for PCOS and infertility and it was MISERABLE for at least three months. I don't even know that it helped either because when I stopped (another year later) we got pregnant all on our own. It's a hard thing for anyone to have to go through and my heart goes out to you. Good luck!

she knew joy said...

well i, for one, am super glad you're at the salon! consider me a client :) and i think that you made a good choice, you need more time for yourself!


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