Monday, June 13, 2011

im old enough to have a niece get married?!

yep, its true. i'm only 22, but I have a 20 year old niece. Her dad is Kevins oldest brother, Dale. Even weirder than that, she married a 26 year old. A man older than my husband. haha. Just a little weird haha. (it makes me feel old, even though i'm not!)  But we love her husband and hes such a great guy! we couldn't have picked a better guy for her. She got married a little while ago and we headed up to Logan to be at the sealing and reception/luncheon. 

heres kevbaby givin me a smooch :)

kevs sister jen made the cake for her wedding. so pretty

i got lots of snuggle time with my new niece ellie. shes adorable. if you cant tell, i really want a baby.

stealin a kiss from my lover. i love kevin more than anything! i'm so lucky to be married to him. he takes such great care of me. and, hes SO handsome.. pretty sure he makes my heart flutter any time i see him.. 

here is my niece kara and her new hubby jonathen. i thought it was kind of funny, she used all the same colors I did for my wedding. she also did an ice cream bar for the food, which is what i wanted to do but since mine was outside, it wasn't a good idea. too hot.  she must have good taste or liked my wedding lots :)

kevin smiling goofy!

he really has a hard time making a normal face.. hahaha

our new married buddies

it was a fun day, but very very lonnnnnng. she was so happy and it was fun to be there for her. 

btw, i have lost 6 pounds this last week. been working out a TON and eating less- only 1200 calories and I feel GREAT! I am so proud of myself. i plan to loose 19 more pounds, if not a little more. 

kev starts his new job at USSynthetics tomorrow.. and i am super excited about the fact that he got a new job, but a little sad that he will work from 3 pm-11:30 pm mon-fri. im never going to see him... 
so that means TONS of girls nights and craft nights.. anyone interested? :)


Mike and Adrianne said...

Good job losing the weight. I was down about two pounds this morning! I have a ways to go still but I'm happy with my progress, especially since I haven't had time to exercise with all the moving and stuff. I'll get there one day when life settles down and the baby sleeps better. Oh, and I'm super jealous about the baby in the picture taking a pacifier. My baby WILL NOT!

PaigeE said...

Jason (and I guess me too now) has nieces and nephews that are in their 40's. Kadee Hall from High School is my niece. Weird.
Good job on the weight loss. I need to lose 20 pounds but I can't find the motivation. Boo.

Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

You better believe that I'm interested!!!

Christene said...

That is kinda weird! Haha. I did lots of crafting when Anthony worked that shift. Someday we should do something crafty together. I don't have many crafty friends!

Riley & Shar said...

Hey! My husbad Riley works at USS too! He's been there for just over a year, its a really good place to work (except the hours suck..) I found a lot of ways to keep myself busy in the loooong evening hours. And congrats on losing the weight, Good Luck!

Alexis Kaye said...

congrats on the weight loss! And holy crap, you and your husband are SO cute together. Like possibly same level as my husband and I...which I didn't know was possible. Also, that is one of the cutest newborns I have ever seen. I played a prank on my husband yesterday and told him I was pregnant. It was great. We've only been married a month. :)


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