Tuesday, June 7, 2011

crafty overload!

i have been a crafting machine this last week. i have made a ton of bows/headbands (will post later) and a bunch of other things to sell at the farmers market, which started last sat. i couldnt go last sat or this sat because of weddings and work. BUT i will be there soon, and you all better come support me and my good friend jessika at our booth! i'm not gonna write many words on most of these because it's late and i am so tired, but i made all of them. keep in mind these are all for sale. 

here is a banner i made.. love it. 

made the yellow one for my mom, the green one to sell. super super cute and dainty

bought the flower box at DI, painted it and distressed it a ton. i am selling that as well as the frame next to it. got the quote from pintrest.. so not sure if I can sell it or not.. if not, i think i can just do a giveaway??

made this on my computer, printed it out, modpodged it to wood that i painted gray. 

made this jewelry holder tonight. can be for bows or headbands too

a few more pics of this. i did buy the frame and make the flower, and i just printed out the quote and glued it to some cute scrapbook paper. 

this is my fave... got this off of pintrest too. so dont think i can sell this either. ?

btw, my hair is growing like a weed! what do you think? (this was tonight)

i am FINALLY starting to like the back of it... it was way too short before. 

what have you been crafting lateley?



Dave and Tana said...

Cute stuff! Your hair is so much longer from when I just saw you!

The Duke said...

Those are a lot of cute items! Thanks for the one you brought over yesterday. It creates a very cheery spot on my desk!
Good luck in selling the items.

Jess and Jen said...

Crafting, what's that? Your stuff is really cute! I bought a program for my cricut a few weeks ago, that makes it more like a silhouette...I can cut out tons of stuff and it's totally fun! You need to come craft with me! -Jen

Amy said...

The cute quote with the camp trailer - that's a print that sells on Etsy, so I know you can't sell that one-not sure about giving away either.. I love your frames though! Those colors are adorable, and I love the banner you made too ;).

Alexis Kaye said...

can you just come decorate my house for me please?


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