Monday, May 16, 2011

long over due- NJ trip!

So, I havent really been in the mood to blog recently. I don't really know why. Sometimes I feel like no one is reading it haha, or that no one really cares what is going on in my life, but then I remember, that I am doing this blog for me and so that shouldn't matter. 


Anyway, I went to NJ, courtesy of my amazing sister Chelsey! She flew me out there and we had a BLAST! I was out there for 9 days- without my hubby. That was hard being away from him, but I was so busy the whole time that It made it O.K. 

Here is her beautiful house as we pulled up- I LOVE her house

My sister put me to work while I was out there. I had to chop like 12 inches off her hair, and color it. I LOVE the way it turned out. So flattering on her. Here is the after picture!

I had my own guest room with a bathroom in it. The dog even slept with me a few times haha. 

My nephew Geoff is getting so tall. He is a sweetie. Really smart too. The first 3 days of my trip, my sister and her hubby had to go to a work conference in CA, so I got the chance to watch the kids for a few days. They were really good for me!

Here is Sarah before I chopped all her hair off too. She had the prettiest hair, I almost cried when I cut all of it off... 

Here is me and Jake! He's the youngest. He has such a funny sense of humor. He loves talking about Bums and shaking his. A little funny one he is!

The kids and I took lots of silly pictures. They all jumped on my bed and wanted to sleep with me. I let them one night- except Geoff slept in his own room. 

Jake took this pic. I bought the new shirt at H&M- my new favorite store!

I took the kids to TILT, a huge arcade/rides/golf place. 

I have this obsession with houses a little. I loooove looking at them. I should be a real estate person. Haha. So, for a Sunday Drive, my sister took me around their neighborhood- (well its like 10 minutes away) to look at some really beautiful places. I took a million pics. The thing I love is that they all look different. They all have character! There are sooo many huge trees out there too. 

My brother Dave and his wife and baby also came from DC to see me! 

Baby A is the cutest ever. 

It was Tanas bday on Monday, the day they were out there, so we took her into this little town to eat at a really fun place. It was called The Pop Shop! 

We then walked around some cute stores down the street. 

We BBQed that night with chicken, peppers, and pinapple. It was so sooo good. 

Of course we had the red velvet BDAY cake too!! 

I was sad to see them go :( 

Sarah took me on a walk down their street as well. They have some pretty landscaping out there. 

Then, Chelsey took me to New York! My first time ever! We rode a train- also my first time doing that. In the pic below, its jakes hand, not mine haha. 

Me in my first taxi! 

Loooved driving down Broadway...

 Times Square was amazing. So Beautiful and crazy busy

all the sudden some people started dancing! It was crazy- they were from TD bank. 

We went to central park too, got some ice cream and played on the park for jake. He was a trooper!

So so pretty and sunny. It was a perfect day

remember this? The plaza hotel from home alone! 

this was by far the biggest diamond I have EVER seen- at tiffanys. 

of course I had to go in trump towers. 

This is at the Rockefeller center I think.. (sp?)

Dont forget china town.. we did lots of shopping here :)

The next day, Chels took me to Ocean City. It was Sooooooo windy and cold. and the waves were huge! But it was really fun

The boardwalk/pier is called Gillian's! Spelled the same and all!! So fun! I had to get a pic by it. 

And lots of the stores had Gillian's nickname- jilly on it. 

We ended the beach stay with a yummy orange/vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. Becca evans would appreciate this.. 

oh, and dont forget the salt water taffy! 

Here is Atlantic City as we were leaving.. 

and me in my new ocean city hoodie. 

The last day, my sister took me to the JCC to take a pilaties class. It was fun! I was really sore the next day. 

All in all, it was one of the BEST trips I have ever been on and I am so thankful to my wonderful sister and her family for bringing me to their home and being such great hosts. I love you ALL, can't wait to see you again in a few months when you come out here :) 


Alex and Becca said...

hahahahhaha LOVE THE SHOUT OUT! Seriously before I even saw you say something about the sprinkles I looked at the pic and thought "Wow look at all those sprinkles!" hahahahh Looks like you had so much fun!!

chelsey said...

Thanks a ton for coming out to visit and play for a while! We sure had a lot of fun! And the kids will never leave you alone now... :)

Glad you got to come out before we head out of here! Thanks again!

Laura said...

Looks like you had such a blast! And you got to go to NYC too :) Hope life is going well!

Lokodi said...


Ocean City is the beach that Hans and I met on. Pretty cool huh? It holds a special place in my heart.

It looks like you guys had a great time. Glad you were able to go out.


Dave and Tana said...

So glad you got to come out!!!!


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