Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Salon Boutique!

I am LOVING my new salon. So far all the girls are just sooo sweet and welcoming. I love the way I feel when I am inside and I know all my clients love it too! I have a WAY busy week at the salon this week. It feels great. Thanks to all of you for supporting me. I am ever so grateful for such good clients and friends and Fam who have followed me. Some exciting news- our salon is having a HUGE boutique!! They are having all kinds of vendors come and its gonna be awesome. We will have skin care, makeup, product, crafts, baby blankets, bows and headbands (including mine!) and TONS of other stuff for sale here. On our salon blog, I copied and pasted what it said there for you to have a little more info about it: 

We are getting very excited for our upcoming Haven Salon Spring Bazaar (boutique)
We already have a nice group of venders but are still looking to add some more so please if your interested contact us! The more the merrier!

Our previous bazaars have been quite successful and we are look forward to this years!
We hope all our awesome clients and friends will attend and show support for our wonderful stylists and friends who are working hard to bring you some awesome goodies!

Boutique date:
April 30th
359 W. 100 S. Provo

For any questions regarding boutique contact either Stephanie or Suzanne 801.379.0540

 I know I have TONS of crafty friends reading this- so get busy and call Steph or Suzanne to have a booth at the boutique! You do have to speak with them before they tell you yes incase you have products to sell that are similar to another booth already. We don't want too many of the same thing because we want everyone to do well. Please, support us and either come to this fun event or come sell your stuff!! Can't wait to see you all there! 

*by the way, I changed the web address to my salon blog. It is now: If you have added this blog to your side bars, please update the web address! Thanks!!! :)


Ty and Whitty said...

Do know if they have anyone selling beaded watch bands, watch faces, flower rings, and flower earrings?

Gillian Mohlman said...

They do not have anyone selling those, so you should totally do it! I think we might have someone doing flower rings and earrings, but not watch bands.

The Duke said...

I'll try to get down there that day during my lunch hour. It should be fun to see all the new crafts and to see your place. I'm excited!

Ty and Whitty said...

ooo yay thanks Gillian for letting me know I will contact them for sure. yippy. Mostly I am excited that I can meet you. Is that weird?


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