Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My favorite pasta salad

I love pasta salad. I don't make it much because Kevin doesn't like it. BUT- I love making it for others because it gives me an excuse to sneak in a few bites. So, here is my recipe! (which I made up!) 

Here is what you will need: 
Olives, Nemans Own Balsamic Vinegarette dressing, Mini Pepperonis, Rotini noodles (colorful ones) Cheese, and chicken. 

Cook the noodles as directed, then rinse with cool water. 

Cook some chicken. I use garlic to season it a little. I like my chicken more cooked, but you can do it however you want. 

Chop up olives (I used my pamperd chef chopper) and add to the pasta. 

I also used my chopper to chop the chicken really small. 

Then cut cheese, add it in, add the pepperonies, and add the dressing. Stir it all up, and EAT! It's so easy to make, and super delicious!!!!

If you put it in the fridge for a while, make sure you still have a little dressing left because it does dry up pretty fast. But I can promise you, it won't last in that bowl long.. you will have it all eaten in one day! :)


Mike and Adrianne said...

Mike likes a more creamy pasta salad while I like a vinegar one. So we compromise and I use an Italian dressing and also use an equal amount of Ranch. Then I put parmesan cheese in it as well (with the normal cheese). Good stuff. It's basically the same as yours just with two more ingredients.

Anna said...

My mom makes a version of this pasta salad and it's so good! I'm going to try it with pepperonis the next time I make it :) Thanks for sharing!


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