Friday, April 1, 2011

it's bozos birthday!

its my sister lindseys bday today. we call her bozo. bozo the clown. ;)
she lives in germany and I don't get to talk to her like... ever. sad. but I still love her and will still remember that its her big BIRTHDAY Today!

she looks smokin hot in this picture. this is her with her boyfriend waiter. jk, shes married :) she just took a pic with a random waiter when she went on vacation. shes my sister that I can always laugh with. one time, (TMI BTW, dont read if you dont like girly stuff) one time I Was sleeping over at her house, I was in like 8th grade or something. My friend Camilla was with us too. My sister has been blessed with a very large chest, so I jokingly tried on her bra, of course which was like a sombrero on me... haha! So, she dared me to stuff it with a skirt or something (yes, a skirt!) and wear it to smiths with her to grocery shop! HAHAHA. Well, I did it! We went to smiths and I swear, every Hispanic man stared at me, and I was admittedly embarrassed... but it was fun and I will never forget it... :) Shes a jokester. Since she was born on April fools, my mom found it fun to play tricks on her. I think on her 16th bday, she asked for a new suim suit. My mom went to DI and found the ugliest swimsuit (gross) for her and wrapped it up. My sister opened it on her birthday and my mom said- Lindsey, sorry, this was all we could afford. I hope it fits ok (or something like that) and Lindsey cried and cried and cried! My mom let her go to school all sad, and didnt let her open the NEW swim suit my mom really got her. hahahhahahaha. Poor linds.. (My mom is awesome at april fools btw)

please excuse my greasy hair and no makeup face, its early k. haven't showered yet. but, heres a birthday shout out to the bozo. 


Amy said...

Very cute sister shout out and birthday post, you are a cutie :) :).

Lokodi said...

You little stinker! Thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope you are doing well. I'll call soon.



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