Thursday, April 21, 2011

i spy... apartment edition

my favorite blogger, little miss momma, is doing an "i spy" series on her blog. This week, it is eye spy around my house. Well, I don't have a house. But I do have an apartment. :) I chose to participate and take pictures of some things that stand out to me in my apartment. Enjoy :)

i spy.. some candles and wall art in my bedroom

 i spy my magnent board with some of my most favorite pictures of the hubby and I and then one of my little brother and I.. of course topped off with the initial G for my name. this is in my bedroom. 

i spy my most favorite jewelry holder of all time made by the lovely becky orth of the trendy twig! 

i spy my viva la juicy perfume ALL GONE! :(

i spy my wedding bouquet that my sister chelsey made.. still hanging in my bedroom after almost 2 years. 

i spy my first family values board ever made hanging in our front room..

i spy my family home evening board i made last week.. (tutorial to come)

i spy our 'wedding corner' haha... 

i spy some lovlies on my front table.. i got these flowers about a week or 2 ago.. i love them. 

i spy my candle warmer! oh my glory, i cant live without it. 

i spy my D.I. finds, LUCKY me!! 

i spy one of my favorite wedding gifts.. someone took these pics and put them in the frame and gifted it to us. 

i spy our cute table.. that we never eat at.... 

i spy my favorite apron... 

i spy my dishwasher! its tiny. and doesnt really work. but hey. at least we have one and it works kinda.. 

i spy my ensign stash! (which sits under my classy corner chair...)

i spy some of my favorite movies.. some good classics right there! 

i spy my first flowers planted for the season.. my ranunculas! 

i spy my newly remodelled wreath

i spy kevins doorbell disguise.. this hub cap (?) was taken off a car he got to trash when he was a senior. 

i spy my favorite detergent bought from sams. 

i spy the best astringent to help with NO razor burn. Best. Thing. Ever. 

i spy the man closet.. 

i spy my fabric..

i spy some new designs I made recently for headbands..

i spy my new love- the guitar. 

and I spy our BRAND NEW samsung laptop! I LOVE it! 

thanks for taking a peek into my humble abode :) 


Amy said...

Your house is so super fun, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE ranunculas, Cody and I just planted some bulbs. I think the ISpy post is super cute, I may have to copy!

Anna said...

Cute post!! Did you make the Family values board or buy it somewhere??

Utah School of said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Utah School of said...

Anna, I made it. :) Maybe I can make you one!

this is Gillian. I am signed into my work email :)

Karri said...

love the family values board :) and the dishwasher?!? i have never seen something so tiny! how cute.

Justin and Heather Phillips said...

Hi Gillian! I just found your blog tonight and not to sound stalkerish but I have been reading nonstop! And by the way I am in your new ward!!! We'll have to talk sometime! But I just wanted to know if you made your family values plaque and if so I HAVE to know how you did it! I love it!!!
Heather Phillips


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