Friday, April 22, 2011

my guitar progress

so, just thought I would humor you all on my progress so far with the guitar hahahaha... this sounds like crap but oh well! I want to remember how crappy I was when I first started because ladies and gents, in a few months, Im gonna be pro. and I am so excited that I will be able to accompany myself for once when I sing! 

I love my lessons so far. It's awesome! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

i spy... apartment edition

my favorite blogger, little miss momma, is doing an "i spy" series on her blog. This week, it is eye spy around my house. Well, I don't have a house. But I do have an apartment. :) I chose to participate and take pictures of some things that stand out to me in my apartment. Enjoy :)

i spy.. some candles and wall art in my bedroom

 i spy my magnent board with some of my most favorite pictures of the hubby and I and then one of my little brother and I.. of course topped off with the initial G for my name. this is in my bedroom. 

i spy my most favorite jewelry holder of all time made by the lovely becky orth of the trendy twig! 

i spy my viva la juicy perfume ALL GONE! :(

i spy my wedding bouquet that my sister chelsey made.. still hanging in my bedroom after almost 2 years. 

i spy my first family values board ever made hanging in our front room..

i spy my family home evening board i made last week.. (tutorial to come)

i spy our 'wedding corner' haha... 

i spy some lovlies on my front table.. i got these flowers about a week or 2 ago.. i love them. 

i spy my candle warmer! oh my glory, i cant live without it. 

i spy my D.I. finds, LUCKY me!! 

i spy one of my favorite wedding gifts.. someone took these pics and put them in the frame and gifted it to us. 

i spy our cute table.. that we never eat at.... 

i spy my favorite apron... 

i spy my dishwasher! its tiny. and doesnt really work. but hey. at least we have one and it works kinda.. 

i spy my ensign stash! (which sits under my classy corner chair...)

i spy some of my favorite movies.. some good classics right there! 

i spy my first flowers planted for the season.. my ranunculas! 

i spy my newly remodelled wreath

i spy kevins doorbell disguise.. this hub cap (?) was taken off a car he got to trash when he was a senior. 

i spy my favorite detergent bought from sams. 

i spy the best astringent to help with NO razor burn. Best. Thing. Ever. 

i spy the man closet.. 

i spy my fabric..

i spy some new designs I made recently for headbands..

i spy my new love- the guitar. 

and I spy our BRAND NEW samsung laptop! I LOVE it! 

thanks for taking a peek into my humble abode :) 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

sick of being sick

I've been reeling really sick lately. 

and before you make assumptions, no, I am not prego. 

and today, i want to complain. 
I have been getting lots of migraines and always seem to have an upset stomach and lots of nausea. It's such a pain. I really get sick of being sick. I wish I could have a day where I wake up and feel completely healthy without a pain in my body...

this is what I feel like. blah. and kinda like screaming of frustration. (this picture was taken on christmas eve.)

Every Christmas growing up- not kidding about this either- I always got the flu. I would throw up all over the couch and it was horrible. One year I got an ear infection so bad that they had to take me to the Hospital. (mom, remember that?) I am always getting sick. With weird stuff too. Like when I got my gall bladder out. Or the time I thought my appendix burst, but it was adenitis (the swelling of the glands around the appendix), or an ovarian cyst, or passing out or something crazy. what is it with me? Oh don't forget about my crazy migraines that make me throw up. so frustrating. 

I literally stayed in my pajamas ALL day yesterday. No joke. maybe I have too much on my plate and I need a good vacation... good thing New Jersey is coming up in like 19 days..... 

other than being sick and really just wanting to sleep a lot, life is really good. kev is doing well in school, and i love my new salon. screw salon on the ave. haha. :)

well. there ya have it. my rant for the day. guess I better end it with something positive... 

Kev is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me. last night in the car, I had my ipod on shuffle and this song came up. It is everything I feel about my sweet husband that always takes such good care of me when I am sick (like a 4 am wed when I woke him to get me a pan and some medicine for my migraine) and when I am not sick too. hes the BEST!  so. watch this video. if you want to end this post with a positive. it's short. love you kev, you are my best friend! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Salon Boutique!

I am LOVING my new salon. So far all the girls are just sooo sweet and welcoming. I love the way I feel when I am inside and I know all my clients love it too! I have a WAY busy week at the salon this week. It feels great. Thanks to all of you for supporting me. I am ever so grateful for such good clients and friends and Fam who have followed me. Some exciting news- our salon is having a HUGE boutique!! They are having all kinds of vendors come and its gonna be awesome. We will have skin care, makeup, product, crafts, baby blankets, bows and headbands (including mine!) and TONS of other stuff for sale here. On our salon blog, I copied and pasted what it said there for you to have a little more info about it: 

We are getting very excited for our upcoming Haven Salon Spring Bazaar (boutique)
We already have a nice group of venders but are still looking to add some more so please if your interested contact us! The more the merrier!

Our previous bazaars have been quite successful and we are look forward to this years!
We hope all our awesome clients and friends will attend and show support for our wonderful stylists and friends who are working hard to bring you some awesome goodies!

Boutique date:
April 30th
359 W. 100 S. Provo

For any questions regarding boutique contact either Stephanie or Suzanne 801.379.0540

 I know I have TONS of crafty friends reading this- so get busy and call Steph or Suzanne to have a booth at the boutique! You do have to speak with them before they tell you yes incase you have products to sell that are similar to another booth already. We don't want too many of the same thing because we want everyone to do well. Please, support us and either come to this fun event or come sell your stuff!! Can't wait to see you all there! 

*by the way, I changed the web address to my salon blog. It is now: If you have added this blog to your side bars, please update the web address! Thanks!!! :)

My favorite pasta salad

I love pasta salad. I don't make it much because Kevin doesn't like it. BUT- I love making it for others because it gives me an excuse to sneak in a few bites. So, here is my recipe! (which I made up!) 

Here is what you will need: 
Olives, Nemans Own Balsamic Vinegarette dressing, Mini Pepperonis, Rotini noodles (colorful ones) Cheese, and chicken. 

Cook the noodles as directed, then rinse with cool water. 

Cook some chicken. I use garlic to season it a little. I like my chicken more cooked, but you can do it however you want. 

Chop up olives (I used my pamperd chef chopper) and add to the pasta. 

I also used my chopper to chop the chicken really small. 

Then cut cheese, add it in, add the pepperonies, and add the dressing. Stir it all up, and EAT! It's so easy to make, and super delicious!!!!

If you put it in the fridge for a while, make sure you still have a little dressing left because it does dry up pretty fast. But I can promise you, it won't last in that bowl long.. you will have it all eaten in one day! :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love Heals

Found this video on my computer. This is me singing a duet when I was a junior in high school. I LOVED singing this song! 

good memories :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I looked out the window and what did I see?

SNOW! Freaking rediculous if I must say. It was so warm this last weekend until late saturday night when it dumped some white crap from the sky! But, I got some pretty pictures out of it. This is a picture taken in salem, looking up to Elk Ridge (on the mountain)  where my parents are from. 

They got a foot of snow that night. (A lot of it had melted by now)

Looking up my parents street

Looking down my parents street. Isn't it nice that we got to walk to church? It was so close. 

On our way home from Elk Ridge Sunday, the snow peaked out of the clouds and I got some beautiful photos!!! This is Mt. Timp and looking down to Utah Valley

This is Mount Loafer, looking up from the valley. Kev was driving so I took a pic out the window. 

My pretty home town

Couldnt love the view much more.

here are a few pics from conference. Ella, me and Kev sittin on the couch watching conference. She was snuggling with me the whole time! 

I love this little girl. Shes so beautiful. 

My mom has been sick so she was snuggled up on the couch and Ammon was playing with her hair the whole time. Lucky! 

What was your favorite talk from conference? I liked Paul Johnson (?) talk about trials. So inspiring. 

Well, off to bed. Night! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

its been a good week

this last week has been a really good week.

I am finally learning how to cope with depression.

I have been going to counseling for the past month. At first, I was not certain I wanted to go... but I prayed about it and knew it was the right choice. Like I said before, my counselor is awesome and I have been learning a lot about myself. First off- I can't expect everyone to understand. I think that's been my biggest problem so far. Especially with my family and close friends. I have just EXPECTED them to understand. But, that isn't possible.. it's like me saying I understand what it's like to be in a wheel chair.. which would be stupid to say since I have never experienced that. I can't expect others to drop what they are doing and come to my aid and tell me they understand.... chances are, they don't understand. They have never been through it. They have not had the same thoughts about themselves like I do about myself. So, after realizing I can't expect understanding, it's gotten better. I can however expect my close friends and family to support me and love me- because that's what friends and family do. They love unconditionally.

Another thing I have been working on, is not blaming myself for things. I have had to learn to forgive myself. It's not my fault I have a chemical imbalance in my brain and that I got these trials. It's no ones fault. It's just part of life. It's just my trial. One that apparently God thought I was super strong for... (really?) I can't imagine how strong I will be at the end of this..

At my last session with my counselor, he was noticing that I move my body alot and can't sit still. I also can't finish a story when I am talking. I say um a lot and loose my spot in the story.. {haha...} so he asked me to do an activity. He dimmed the lights, and had me sit and stare at a painting of Christ he has in his office. He turned up the soft music (that has no words) and asked me to sit and just think about what is happening in the painting, and don't move my fingers, feet or toes. I kid you not, it was the hardest thing of my life! If any of you know me well, you know that 1- I always move my feet, fingers, toes, or legs. 2- I rock myself to sleep 3- I do not know how to concentrate. and 4- I always have a million jobs or things going on at once.
After sitting there, and telling him I could not do it anymore and it was awkward, he said- um, you have ADHD and ADD. pretty bad. I said- well, that aint' news to me! haha! Pretty sure I have known that for a while- but to hear him say it outloud- was a little sad. I guess I have to accept it now. He wants me to get on some medicine. I think it would make people like me a little more because I wouldn't be so loud or hyper {although I must say, I have calmed down a ton since high school} BUT- would it make me a different person? I am scared to be someone I am not. If I all the sudden become calm, will people think I am more depressed or that something is wrong when they are around me? If I am not my normal bubbly outgoing self, will people think I don't like them? I dont know. I will have to pray about it..

I do feel like I am learning how to deal with it though- and I haven't had ONE breakdown almost 2 weeks! That's amazing! I haven't cried at all in 2 weeks! That's fantastic news for me. However- before I get my hopes up too high, I started a new depression medicine yesterday because my insurance won't cover my lexapro. We tried getting it preauthorized but they denied it. Bummer... So, hopefully this one works.

I found this new blog called Divorced and 21. Her name is Ashley, and I instantly love her. Her honesty is seriously refreshing. You should read her blog. It's sad, but yet inspiring- through all she has gone through she has picked up and is moving straight forward. I like her honestly. She even asked me to do a post on her blog- like a 'how to' for hair styles or something! Fun!

Today I had guitar lessons. I seriously love it so far. I am picking up pretty fast. I have been practicing a ton. I can't wait till I can play and sing at the same time!!! I love my guitar teacher. He is also my boss.. haha! I take them here at the Utah School of Music & Dance. He said he can tell I am practicing a lot and I am doing really well for only having 2 lessons so far! :) I am telling you, some day, I will make a record...

I really like cheez-its. I am snacking on them as we speak. They are sooo good. And oh so fattening. I guess I better get to the gym tonight....

Guess what. Kev and I are getting a HUGE tax return this year!!! Holy blessings! I am SO grateful we don't have to pay. 

On a last note, I bought the cutest ruffle checkbook cover today. I can't wait till I get it in the mail. When I do, I will do a post on it.

we watched conference at my moms yesterday. It was awesome. I loved it. and, the food was great. we made cafe rio! also, we got to skype with my sister chels and her family! holy crap, I can't wait to fly out to jersey in less than a month to spend 9 days with her.. I'm counting down!

now I am just at work listenin to good ol miranda lambert. perfect way to end my day at work. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

it's bozos birthday!

its my sister lindseys bday today. we call her bozo. bozo the clown. ;)
she lives in germany and I don't get to talk to her like... ever. sad. but I still love her and will still remember that its her big BIRTHDAY Today!

she looks smokin hot in this picture. this is her with her boyfriend waiter. jk, shes married :) she just took a pic with a random waiter when she went on vacation. shes my sister that I can always laugh with. one time, (TMI BTW, dont read if you dont like girly stuff) one time I Was sleeping over at her house, I was in like 8th grade or something. My friend Camilla was with us too. My sister has been blessed with a very large chest, so I jokingly tried on her bra, of course which was like a sombrero on me... haha! So, she dared me to stuff it with a skirt or something (yes, a skirt!) and wear it to smiths with her to grocery shop! HAHAHA. Well, I did it! We went to smiths and I swear, every Hispanic man stared at me, and I was admittedly embarrassed... but it was fun and I will never forget it... :) Shes a jokester. Since she was born on April fools, my mom found it fun to play tricks on her. I think on her 16th bday, she asked for a new suim suit. My mom went to DI and found the ugliest swimsuit (gross) for her and wrapped it up. My sister opened it on her birthday and my mom said- Lindsey, sorry, this was all we could afford. I hope it fits ok (or something like that) and Lindsey cried and cried and cried! My mom let her go to school all sad, and didnt let her open the NEW swim suit my mom really got her. hahahhahahaha. Poor linds.. (My mom is awesome at april fools btw)

please excuse my greasy hair and no makeup face, its early k. haven't showered yet. but, heres a birthday shout out to the bozo. 


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