Sunday, March 27, 2011

Service- Please share your stories!

Hey friends- I am a hostess for miss Rachel Fitzgerald this year for the miss Salem pageant. Her platform is centered on Service and we have set up a blog for her to share her stories of service she has experienced. We are looking for others to send her stories of service they have experienced.

PLEASE help her out and support her by following her blog at: and emailing her stories of service!

The stories can be as simple as someone letting you sit with them at lunch, or someone cleaning off the snow on your car. Please help us out and do this. It will not only benefit her, but it will benefit you because while writing it up for her, you will be reminded how great service makes you feel. I will be sending her many stories I have experienced and hope you will do the same. 


Amy said...

Oh fun - you are such a good person!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Love the wreath--looks fun!


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