Wednesday, March 30, 2011


remember this pillow? my first attempt at making one? I made it out of a tshirt. 
After looking at it for a while, I decided I kinda didn't like it. So, I changed it up. 

 I kept the 3 rosettes in the middle but added a blue flower behind it since blue is our accent color in our room. All I did was take strips of fabric about 2 inches wide, sew a line down the middle of it, and gather it. I did about 8 strips, then put them together to make a flower. I only hot glued them on too. I think it looks better now!

And let me brag for a second.. :) I was looking at my ring the other day and realized I really like it! Haha! I love my ring sooo much. 

No one else has it which makes me happy. At least, I don't think.. I've never seen anyone else have it. 

I remember the day I Got engaged... it was amazing! 

Here is me right after I got engaged. My face looks sooo skinny.. 

I love this picture.. my husbands so cute! 

my friends were waiting for me at home after I got engaged :)

my little brother helped with the proposal. It was adorable. I loved that he was there! 

anyway... just remembering good times :) 


Tamera said...

I love that no one has my ring either! It sure makes them special huh? :)

Michelle said...

Its good to like your ring! :) Sometimes I catch myself staring at it at work haha! Yours is very beautiful, did you help pick it out?

Amy said...

My ring looks just like that! JUST KIDDING! I love your ring, and that it's so unique, I've never seen that design before either. And -- whenever I try that gathering thing.... thread always snaps.

Christene said...

My husband designed mine all by himself. I love that mine is totally unique. People ask me about it all the time and I love saying he designed it.


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