Tuesday, March 1, 2011

my dream salon

I have always wanted to own my own salon someday. When I was in school, we had to come up with our own salon name and the furniture we wanted and the things we would offer etc. I had a really good time with it. I picked a name (that I won't share) and a color scheme, and where I would want it to be at. I decided on a HUGE spa/salon. I offer tanning, makeup, massages, mani, pedis, all hair things, a sauna, and all other waxing etc. I want women to come in to ONE place to get it ALL done in ONE day. I want it comfortable and inviting but still classy and very nice. It's going to be huge. Well, I want it to be. But lets face it, a project like this would cost millions and millions of dollars.. so it probably won't ever come true. 

Well, this is what I drew up:  (this is a picture of the drawing I made. I made this 3 or 4 years ago so don't laugh at my bad drawing skills!)

(p.s. you cant steal the idea because if you do, I have this blog post to prove that it's mine and all these words are copywrited, as it says in the bottom of the blog haha)

I want it red, black, and white. Maybe some animal prints, or floral prints. I haven't decided. I want it pretty modern and clean cut. There will be two waiting areas where people can sit by a fire and watch a movie (or their kids can) and relax until it's their turn. I will offer drinks to any client who comes to the door. Just water, juice, or a pop beverage. Here are a few ideas of waiting areas I like. 

Of course I want the salon to have TONS of natural light coming in, so big windows and LOTS of windows is a must. 

 The reception area will have a desk similar to this, but black. Probably will add some flowers to the right side of it in a tall vase. 
The product we sell will be in a built in wall unit with lights. 

I want all my nail polish for manicures in something easy to see like this. 

Here are 2 chairs I could have laying around in the salon. 

I want 16 stations. Always lots of conversation and people enjoying their time at the salon. Big mirrors, good lighting, and again, black white or red. 
Here is the barber chair I LOVE!

Another 2 possible ideas for a station. 

Here is a color cart I like. 

This one is cool but kind of reminds me of a mechanical shop. 

Here is how I want the shampoo bowl station to look like. Really clean and plenty of room to move. 

Hair drying station. This is a cool hair dryer! I love the wavy couch. I would want this white though. 

Great pedicure stations are a MUST. (I hate the pedi station at our salon right now) These look so relaxing. I actually would rather have a stone built in one, so maybe... 

And then I want 3 manicure stations with these desks, and I want the desks in black. These desks are cool because they have built in UV light slots to put your hands in! 

high class ladies and gents. high class. 

So, but a dream it is... A very big dream. I think it would be the coolest thing ever to own a salon. If I did, I wouldn't work in it. I would just manage it, and do my clients maybe one day a week in my home. I get burned out from hair sometimes but I like the business side of it a lot and I think I could handle being in the atmosphere every day just not standing on my feet all day long every day :)

So, now that I have shared my dream with you, share yours with me!
Whether it be to get married, own a business, sky dive, visit somewhere exotic.. etc, if you can dream it, you can DO IT! At least that's what I keep telling myself... Someday I WILL own a salon whether it's this extravagant or not... 
What's your dream?

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Amy said...

I don't even do hair and I want that salon -- love all the imagery and modern style (& the red, LOVE the red). My dream is to publish a book :).

Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

Wow, what a vision! We did the same thing when I was in school. I loved doing that project!
And I love your little saying at the end "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Mike and Adrianne said...

I used to have big dreams but now they are more general. I just dream to have a happy family and a happy life and have all of us stay active in the church. I dream to continue having a happy marriage and work on building talents. I'd like to travel too.

Ambrosia said...

I love your dream salon - it's beautiful! You have really great ideas for it and I love the overall style. I've linked up!

Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

Such a great salon! I would totally visit! I don't think I could ever think up such a vision, but I don't know much about salons and what not. I would just be like, "oh, scissors, I need scissors." :D
I'll definitely be linking up. Hopefully sometime today!

Thanks for doing something so fun!

-Many Smiles!

Grace.Marie said...

I, too, dream of opening a salon. But for me it is small, just a couple chairs. Simple, clean nothing fancy.

Look into your dreams. In our town the county and the chamber each give interest free loans and grants to help small buisness owners get started.

Ani said...

I will definetely be one of your first clients when you open!! Plus I definetely need a new hairstylist in the area now... Love your blog!!! I'm your newest follower... visit my page and follow me at http://aadreamsblog.blogspot.com/



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