Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Crafty Endeavors

Ok peeps- I apologize. This last week has been crazy and I have been slackin off in the blog world. I have TONS to blog about- but today I will start with something I did today! I was really wanting to get over to D.I. (if some of you dont know, its like a goodwill) and sort through some stuff so I could re-do things and then sell them. Hopefully I can sell them to help us pay for our vacations! 

I also decorated a bit for spring/Easter today. I was so happy to get out the spring blocks I made last year!

I made this last year too- the flowers are from toilet paper rolls!

Ok, on to what I found at D.I. keep in mind, I will be selling most of this stuff AFTER I finish it, so if you want it, claim it! 

This 'C' is super cute and doesn't need much fixing, just needs a new ribbon. I love it. I think I will attach tulle instead of ribbon. 

This needs a bit of work. It is missing two knobs, which I will actually cover with a flower unless I can find knobs the same size, and then the corners need to be glued together tighter. I also am adding chicken wire to the back to make this a jewelry holder. 

This needs work. I will re-paint the frame, and take out the cork board and cover it with fabric. Then I will add criss crossing ribbons so you can stick pics in or something. 

This is a candle holder. The top is beadboard. (under the black metal top thing). It just needs some cleaning. 

This hangs on the wall like so, and needs to be painted. This would be a cute towel holder and you could put something on top. 

I love this wreath. I can't believe I found it. It's super heavy. I like the colors- perfect for halloween, BUT, the paint was chipping off everywhere, so I am going to spray paint this, if I can and see if I can't fix it. 

I love this basket. I am painting this white. 

Recipe card holder. I LOVE this! But I don't love the color or polka dots. I am painting this black and distressing it. 

This needs to be re-painted. I will probably paint it black. 

I love this as well. This would hold a couple of cute flower planters and could be set on the porch. I think I will keep this one.. not sure what color I should paint it, any suggestions?

I will put scrapbook paper on this one, not sure what colors yet. 

I am keeping this for myself. :) It's a beautiful metal frame, and I am painting it white. 

I bought this at the dollar store. I thought it was kinda cute. The pot is pink. Bad pic and lighting though, sorry. 

This is the primer I used on my projects today. I think it was $3.49 at Home Depot. 

I am in the process of painting them! 

I may have ruined this one... any ideas how to fix it? It only has the primer on it, hopefully just a few coats of paint and it will be ok. 

SOOO glad I went thrift shopping today. I get a thrill out of it! I love it so much. :) Hope you all enjoyed!


Amy said...

Ah! You are so crafty, I love all of your loot. And as for suggestions, I think a turquoise color would be super cute!!

Mike and Adrianne said...

I'm loving all your projects. Wish I lived closer so I could do projects with you and go shopping with you. I hope you come visit me when we move so we can get our craft on! Love you!

B said...

Hey Gill! I love the jewelery holder! How much would you be selling it for after? I might claim it :)

Anna said...

Love those spring blocks!!! All your crafts are so cute :)

Dave and Tana said...

Always so sort of craft! I love it. There are some amazing thrifting stores our here. When you come we have to go!!!

Dave and Tana said...


The Duke said...

I had a basket just like that one that I sent to DI. That would be funny if you bought the one I took over. I have lots of baskets if you want some.
I liked the wreath with the original color. I hope you are able to add some cute colors to it.
I never seem to be able to find anything cute because I don't have the vision of something nicer like you have.


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