Sunday, March 6, 2011

mmmm good

Yesterday was a busy day. I had to work in the morning and early afternoon at the salon and Kev went to his parents to put our scooter's battery back in. He re filled the fuel in it and cleaned it up. We kept it in their shed for the winter and can't wait till it warms up enough to use it! 

After that, I deep cleaned our bedroom. How does it get so dirty so that you have to deep clean it you ask? Well, the closet was a disaster. All my clothes were all over the floor and shoes were not in pairs.. I had lots of clothes to get rid of and shoes to throw out. So yes, it was bad. But I spent like an hour cleaning my closet and I LOVE it now. So clean and tidy. I am posting about how grateful I am for a clean room on my gratitude blog later today if you wanna check out the end result. 

While I was cleaning the bedroom, Kev did the dishes. I love that my hubby helps out around the house. Such  a sweet man. We decided to have our friends over (Jon and Kenna) for dinner after we got some cleaning done. We had THE.BEST. DINNER. EVER. haha. It really was SO good! We made chicken with the sauce from wingers that they have on their sticky fingers (brown sugar, butter, and franks hot sauce!) homemade fries, jalapeño poppers, koolaid, and carrots! Such an unhealthy dinner. Seriously it was like eating a heart attack haha. But oh so good. 

This picture of me is creepy. But I wanted to show you how long my hair is getting! YAY! and I cut my bangs into straight across bangs. This is me cutting the potatoes into fries. 

mmm, the jalapeño poppers.

Jon and Kev doing the man work! Jon and Kev have been friends for such a long time. They grew up together. I have always gotten along with Jon so well and I especialy love his fiancée Kenna! She has turned into one of my very best friends. We get a long so well. 

Our delicious chicken

The goods

Me and kenna! we were both sooo tired last night. Looong day. But I am glad we got to end it with them. 

The fatty dinner plate. Sometimes its fun to just eat good food even if it isn't healthy for you.. And I figure since I have kept my 5 pounds off and am still working out I can eat a bad meal once in a while :) 

After dinner we watched babies, the documentary. I have seen it before but Jon and Kenna hadn't. It is so funny. Babies do the funniest things. 

Last but not least, isn't this the cutest baby EVER?? This is my best friend Camilla's baby Kennedy. She was born in Jan and had her blessing day today. I am sad I didn't get to go (they live in Michigan.) I made that cute bow for her and her mom made the dress! I can't believe how amazing the dress looks, her mom is a sewing queen. I need lessons from her... I think Kennedy is just so beautiful. She has soo much hair. I can't wait till I get to meet her. 

Hope you all are having a good sabbath. 

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