Friday, March 25, 2011

Here are a few updates here in the Mohlman home:

Kevin applied for an internship at WW Clyde and we are hopeful that he will get it! We really REALLY hope he will get it. He needs to get the ball rolling on internships since he has a little less than 2 years left now. He is still working as a manager at CR Doors and Molding  and also working his butt off at school. He's getting really good grades and I am so proud of him!

I got asked to be a Hostess for miss Salem this year again and GUESS WHO I GOT??? I got Rachel Fitzgerald. For those of you who don't know, she is my sister Kaitlin's really good friend, and has danced at Lifehouse (the studio I work at) for 10 years so I have known her since she was really young! I was so happy to get her. Shes so beautiful and talented- just look at her picture! Her talent is Dance, she will be doing a contemporary point piece. She has a great platform and I really think she can win! She is from Elk Ridge as well so we know her family really well. I got lucky!

Beautiful Ballerina.. (I stole these pics from her facebook haha)

Our Salon also got pictures done. The owners hubby is the owner of the photog place next door, so he took them. This is just one he posted on facebook. 

I also started counseling, I can't remember if I wrote about that or not yet. My counselor is awesome. I enjoy it so far, I have to go today again. I really think it's helping me. I have been trying to change my thoughts from negative sad ones to thoughts of gratitude and happy ones. It's hard to change the way I feel about myself or others but I know I can do it!

I know a lot of people don't like when I write about these personal things on my blog, but I really don't care. I think I have to be done caring what other people think about me. I used to care when I heard some gossip that someone started about me and my blog (trust me, it DOES get back to me, and it does happen frequently) but last night I kinda decided that I can't care anymore. I'm not going to lie about who I am or how I feel. I don't write about depression on here to get attention. I write about it on here so I can HELP others. I wish you could all read the emails I have gotten that say 'thank you for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel' I write about it because I don't want to suffer it alone, I want people aware because if I did keep this all to myself, I think I would get so far down I would never be able to get back up again. It also helps me to open up and cope with my feelings if I am able to share them. Everyone suffers/copes differently. This is my way. I have to be done trying to get everyone to understand me. I know my heart and I know my intentions. They are good. As long as I know that, that's all I need to know. It's not a popularity contest- it's just me writing how I feel. I wish more bloggers wrote how they feel- but there are a few out there, like jessica from the lowe family news, or Ashley from little miss momma, even nienie does it. Oh, don't forget Kenna from Kenna and Josh. I am inspired by people who are who they are on their blogs. Like I always say, let's be real and not pretend our lives are always perfect, because chances are, they aren't. 

But, I do want to say, I am very grateful for my life, my family, my husband especially, my religion, my friends, and many other things. I do believe I can work through this with the help of those around me. Thanks for all the continued love and support- it really does get me through the day! Hope you all have a great day today!

p.s. kev and I are going to the festival of colors tomorrow! wahooooooo!!


The Almonds said...

That was a great post! Congrats on being a host for the Miss Salem pageant!! That would be so fun :) And thank you again for being so honest on your blog, I think we cope with things the same way. I have to talk about things and I feel like I can definitely talk more freely about my feelings since I see how you are able to. So THANKS!!

Jena said...

Love you jilly-bug!! Oh, and way cool about the miss salem thing! You will do great, she is beautiful!

Mike and Adrianne said...

What exactly does a hostess do?

The Duke said...

If you go to the Fstival of Colors tomorrow, you've have wet chalk dripping off your chin. You really want to do that? In the snow?
Kaitlin is apparently going as well with Brian and Tiffany. (Check him out for me.)

Jennifer and Sean said...
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Jennifer and Sean said...

the photos are from the blog

she is such a great photographer,

and gillian, you are amazing person and you ARE VERY inspiring! so dont worry about other people cuz your great just the way you are

Nichole Gaertner said...

I have a "friend" who thrives on making you believe she is your very best friend to later find out she's usually the one that is spreading all the lies about my family and destroying other people's relationships as well. People like this are very unhappy people. They aren't satisfied with their own lives and it's sad to say it, but find pleasure in hurting others. I love that you are real about your depression, and that is why I follow you. I struggle with it myself and know that being a member of the church really helps me. Having that knowledge that I am a daughter of god and that Jesus KNOWS me and my struggles really is such a comfort.

Ignore those who don't understand and may say hurtful things... because there are more people out there who respect you and love reading what you have to say! :)

Love Nichole


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