Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cork Board Transformation

Remember this? The cork board I got at DI? I knew this little beauty had potential. It even had a hook on the back so I didn't have to put one on myself. Here is the before: 

And after! I decided to keep the color since I had some cute fabric that perfectly patched. I sanded it up a bit, added some fabric to the cork board, and easy peasy! 

Like the pic on it? That was from our photo booth at our wedding :) 
I really love how it turned out. I will be selling this one, (because we seriously have no where to put anything on walls anymore...) I think for $8. If your interested let me know. 


Dave and Tana said...

Cute! Dave and I are redecorating our whole house!!! I am the most excited about Ansleigh's room.

beckaboots said...

Love it! Everyone needs a good cork board in their house.


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