Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love weekend

Real quick, The winner of my jewelry holder is Holly! Winner chose on random.org. Holly, text me and we will figure out where to send it to :)

We kinda drug our Vday all through the weekend. It was kinda nice. :) 

First, Friday I had to teach musical theater, so after that, I came home and Kev took me to Chili's for dinner. We have discovered how much we love their food... the salsa and chips are delicious! We also went to FYE (the music store) and a few other stores just to look around. 

We didn't get to dinner until like 8pm so by the time we were done eating, it was late, so we decided to come home and go to bed like old married people! Haha. We were in bed by like 10:30 on a friday night.. awesome. My mouth was hurting though after that loooong day so I was glad to get some good rest. 

Saturday, Kevin and I slept in and then he made waffles for breakfast. We then got the chance to watch our cute new nephew Austin. He is about 2 and a half months old, and just the best baby in the world! We loved watching him! 

After that, I wasn't feeling that well so I got my book out (mocking jay) and I fell asleep. Kev came and woke me up a little bit after and then we went to get an ice cream cone at maceys. 

Sunday, the morning started off horrible. 
We teach sunbeams, and we only have 3 kids. But let me tell you what. They were HORRIBLE for us. They screamed the whole time and kept running around and hitting each other. It was a nightmare. I went to go get the primary president and she said there was nothing she could do about it because they were that way in sharing time while the bishop was there but they just don't know how to be reverent. So, looks like our next lesson I will have all 3 kids parents sit in and have a lesson about reverence. I can't handle another Sunday like that. I wish you all could have seen them. They were monsters. I almost started to cry. 

But, then Sacrament was better and then I came home and had a long nap and read my book. 

Every Valentines Day, my mom likes to do a dinner for the family at her house, so we went up there. It was good food, we had lasagna and fettuccine for those who don't like lasagna (me) and homemade bread sticks, a salad, homemade chocolate cake and homemade cookies and cream ice cream! It was soo good. Driving up to Elk Ridge I took a few pictures of my home town. So beautiful. I loved living in Elk Ridge... 

me and my mommy

My cute little brother Ammon gave us all a valentine. I love him! 

Adam and Amy made the homemade icecream which was really really good

my mom made the homemade cake... yum!!

Me and Ammon! He recently got what is called a chattervox- (his microphone) to help him talk louder. Since he got his trach out, he has never gotten his voice back so its just a small whisper. But, this mic helps him. 

Cute little Austin!! Love this boy

My mom made me this valentine. I love my mommy. She is so funny. This was clever I thought

Then, we came home that night and made cupcakes for some friends and heart attacked their doors and left cupcakes! I love the way they turned out. Super cute. It was fun door bell ditching our friends!

On Monday, (Vday) Kevin and I exchanged gifts in the morning and then he had school till 8PM last night, so I surprised him and made homemade pizza and did a candle light dinner!! 

This turned out perfectly!! (before I cooked it)

This one not so much haha (before I cooked it)

The breadsticks

I even dipped a few strawberries. I suck at that.

I got sparkling cider and set out our nice cups

Here is kevins meat lovers pizza. Bacon, Pepperonies, olives, cheese, Sausage 

Mine, olives, pepporonies, cheese. It kinda rose WAY too much in the oven and the toppings all kinda fell apart haha. I made these two pizzas because I thought we could freeze them! (which we did after dinner)

the clinking of the class haha

I love us!

These were sooo good.

Look at that thick crust!!

I love my husband so much and am so grateful I got to spend some time with him this Vday. I also love my friends and family so much! Thanks all of you for making life worth it :)


Kyka and Ev said...

Cute pizza!! What a fun idea.

Amy said...

Sorry your sunbeams are nightmares!! I can relate! And those Elk Ridge photos are stunning.

Cameron and Camilla Bendixsen said...

How fun Jill! Love the heart pizza :)

The Thomas Family said...

That look so awesome!! Great job on dinner. How did you make the breadsticks? They look yummy!

Jess and Jen said...

Oh my! That's a cute baby! Glad you had a great weekend and that we got to see you twice! -Jen

Mike and Adrianne said...

Hey, we did a heart pizza too.

beckaboots said...

that picture of you and your hubby is soooo cute! I'm sorry I've been out of the loop but after this whole baby drama is over, I will be back in the blogging world.
Thanks for your sweet comments. They've always made me smile :)


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