Thursday, February 24, 2011

losing poundage

Growing up, I was always super super tall and skinny. I basically ate what I want, and when I wanted, but then like I posted before, I was really picky, so the older I got, the less I ate. I got really skinny at one time- I weighed 127 when I was a senior in high school, and was 5'9". 

When I Got married, I started birth control, and weight was rapidly gaining on my body. I honestly got fat really really fast, so because of that, I have stretch marks ALL over my body. My stretch marks on my legs go all the way down to my knees. My chest has then all over. I also gained weight in that area, which I was ok with haha! But, the rest of it, I hated. I became to hate my body. I was basing it on what I used to look like. I was also dancing every day and keeping in really good shape, so I never had to worry about anything I ate. Once I got married, I didnt really dance anymore and I didn't have a gym pass. 

I got really sick of my body image, so I got a gym pass in the summer. I didn't go as much as I should have. But I did go. I wasn't really watching what I ate though. So, no poundage was really lost. I guess it could have, but we didn't own a scale until a few weeks ago, so I would have had no way to measure it. As of a few months ago, I weighed a whopping 178. I nearly cried when I stepped on the scale at the doctor. In 4 short years, I had gained over 50 pounds. Oh my gosh. That's disgusting. (for me.) After hearing "How far along are you???" about 10 times, (NOT kidding. People are idiots) I decided it was time to CHANGE.

I told Kevin we had to buy a scale, and that I was going to go to the gym more. This was about a month ago that I did that. Plus, I got the surgery on my mouth, and did the liquid diet for a while, so I am sure that helped. 

I am proud to say, I have lost 5 pounds this month! YAY!! I now weigh 173. My body fat percentage also went down 2 percent. For me, I feel good about that. I have gone to the gym and tried to take more vitamins and eat more healthy. It's been hard, but I have never had an easy time losing weight. So, today, I post pictures of what I look like. (I took these this morning) I still have a pudgy belly and a flabby bum, and a more than flabby arms and legs, but I am starting to feel better. I kinda look like I am prego. It's sad. I wish I really was, because then I would have an excuse to being fat haha!

So, go me! I want to lose about 15 more pounds. Hopefully I reach this goal soon and stay in shape. Working out makes me feel better. 

I guess though, getting surgery on your mouth, and being depressed and stressed out really helps the diet ;)


Kayla said...

Way to go girl friend! I have a gym pass to golds and go everyday! if you ever need someone to push you or want someone to go with call me! I am always there around 5-6 just depends!!! Doesnt it feel so good to lose weight??! You can do this!

Amy said...

I LOVE the honesty you have on your blog. And way to go setting goals to lose and get fit - I think that's a goal almost everyone has (including me) most just don't act on it, so good job!!

B said...

Way to go! I feel you, that's something I need to do too! I was weighed at a doctor visit a couple of weeks ago and was disgusted to find out I have gained 30+ pounds since high school - I agree, it's what you get with birth control and when you stop dancing :( You can do it!

Nichole Gaertner said...

You are too funny! I think you look great. I understand completely how you feel though! I too am tall and used to be very fit. At my skinniest (and healthiest) I was 6 foot weighing 158 pounds. Once I got married birth control and depression over took my body and I gained 50 pounds. Then I had three pregnancy's and two live births. In under 5 years I had now gained ANOTHER 70 POUNDS!!! Now the past is the past and I have lost 50 pounds. It hasn't been easy, infact it has been the biggest battle I have had to face but if I can do it- you can! You are beautiful! You need to look at yourself everyday in the mirror and KNOW that. :)

The "blog" that I keep is all about my struggle. .

Good luck sweety!

Michelle said...

Gill, i've been having a real hard time with my weight and body image this past while. I went to zumba last night and this tall thin girl says hi to me and turns out she lost 35lbs. she said her trick was the combo of healthy diet and regular excersise! Inspirational! Where is your gym pass to? Maybe we could go together sometime if you have a golds.

Gillian Mohlman said...

You all are SO sweet!

Kayla, why does everyone have GOLDS??!!! I never have a 24 hour buddy! haha! I love 24 hour because I don't feel locked into a contract. And, it's close to my apartment. But we can do pilaties together on my tv! we have net flicks and I guess they have some work out videos.

Amy. I like you. Your so great. Thanks for the support.

B- (britt) it sucks to stop dancing huh! And birth control is the devil. I stopped taking it a year ago and will never go back.

Nichole, I love your weight blog! We can do this! For me its not so much just being skinny, it's just feeling good about myself and looking and feeling healthy.

Michelle, Zumba ROCKS! I love it! keep going.

The Dayleys said...

You are so brave lady putting this out there!! I wish you luck in your goals!! I know I'm skinny but when I recently went to the doctor I was shocked to find out I had gained like 10 lbs in like 4 months. (Stupid holidays lol). GOOD LUCK :) I know you can do it!

Alex and Becca said...

Run with meeee??? Or I'll go to the gym with you! I loveee you you are awesome!

Kira said...

I heard on the radio, if you tell people your goals you are more likely to go through with them... :P So, I really think posting is a great way to stay committed. Plus I think it also inspires and helps others too. Thanks for the honesty and keeping it real. I love the gym. I don't go as much as some do but I try to go 4 times a week(moderation in exercise and in rest) and its great :P I do have a golds pass, but I think you are smart to do 24 hour fitness. Contracts suck. It also is about body image and how you feel. Try not to focus on a number, and if you go up a lb or two one day.. don't freak out. Weight fluctuates. As long as you are consistently trying and working hard..Which you are!. You will succeed!

The Maxfields said...

Alright Gillian, let me just first say I definitely deserve the worst friend in the world award... if you want to award it to me, Ill totally accept! Its been way to long since we've talked... and truth is, I always read your blog and I love it! You make me smile :) Great job on the 5 pounds... Im impressed. Its harder than it seems to lose weight! I want to lose 20... so I know how you're feeling! Well anyway, just thought I would pop in and tell you I love your blog!!

Kayla said...

Deal we can Do pilaties at your house!!
I just got a golds pass for 10 a month and it is not the continuous sign on. Once my contract is up Its done over!! Thank goodness! But I love golds.

Summer is coming...I love doing Zumba in summer!

beckaboots said...

yay for loosing poundage! I know how you feel. I used to dance professionally for a few years and quit cold turkey when I met the hubby.
I gained about 30+ lbs because of it and then got preggo. I'm on board with you for the weight loss! I wish you luck! :)

Anna said...

I award you with the 7 facts award!!! :) Love reading your blog! I just recently saw the "Ideas for Family Nights" under your PDF files and LOVE it!! I'm definitely making me a jar with these ideas in it:) Have a great week!


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