Sunday, February 20, 2011

A great weekend

We had the best weekend. Seriously. It was jam packed full of fun things. 
First off, we played parents on friday night with the woodhouse kids. (their mom is the owner of the dance studio Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy- where I teach musical theater.) They have 3 kids, but we only took the two oldest, Dalyn who is 8 and Amberlee who is 11. We were going to go to a movie, but all the kids ones were sold out at the times we needed to go, so we went to wingers with them and then rented a red box (toy story 3) and came home to set up our mattress in the living room and watch the movie! We really did have a fun time. They are really really easy kids to watch, so polite and fun. Plus, I have known both of them while they were in their mommy's tummy! So I have grown up babysitting them since they were both babies.

Saturday, was one of my BEST friends bday parties! Her name is Kenna, she is engaged to Kevins best friend Jon. Her and I have become such good friends over the last 15 months that her and Jon have been dating, and I am so happy they are getting married! yay! 

For her bday party, she had a pajama/breakfast party at 10AM! It was so much fun! There were stuffed animals and blankets and a HUGE breakfast buffet.. a total fun kid party. haha! One of the guys who came brought his new dog- Baxter, who is the cutest dog ever. We all had fun passing him around.  

Here are some of the breakfast cookers! Tanner, and Jon. We had crepes, pancakes, sausage, cereal, muffins, eggs, hashbrowns, and all kinds of juices and milk. mmmmm. Don't mind my no makeup face and hair in a pony tail. She said it was a PAJAMA party you know! haha

That night, we went to another friends birthday- Jaron. He is another one of kevins best buddies! He had a james bond themed party. It was seriously so fun. We all had to dress up really nice in suits and cocktail dresses. They had all kinds of yummy drinks (all non alcoholic) like pina coladas, and a raspberry lemon drink thing. They also had tons of food, cheese cake, veggies, shrimp, cake, fruit, chocolate.. it was all so good. The boys played poker- without money of course- and the girls kinda just hung around!

I realized before the party that I didn't really have anything cocktail ish. So, I went to forever 21, but all the dresses were way too short. So, my next idea was to go to DI. I had a black dress already, that I thought maybe I could dress up with some shoes and jewelry. So, I found these brand new still shoes for 6 dollars. SUPER HOT! I love these!!!!!

Here is me and lover at the party. Keep in mind he doesnt know how to smile normal in pictures. ;)

he is super sexy guys. like, really sexy. I love him. 

me and my bestie kenna! 

Kenna and Jon- the newly engaged couple

The host of the party, Jaron, and his cute girl Courtney who we all love! I hope it works out for them!!

Kennas brother came, and then there is Melissa in this picture. She is dating one of Kevins friends James. 

Here is what I wore. I kinda look like I am going to church. But oh well. It's all I had to come up with. I wore diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet, hooker shoes, and yea. 

Then, we decided to take our mattress out and have a sleepover and watch a movie! We didn't get home till midnight, but our bed frame kinda broke so Kevin has been fixing it and we don't want to lay on it till the gorilla glue dries in one spot. So, thus, the sleepover in the front room. 

 I seriously loved our weekend. I love when it's jam packed full of good friends, food, and of course, all the time I can spend with my babe. 

What did you do for the weekend?


Jess said...

I LOVE your shoes! Way hott! :)

Kira said...

I love your black dress. Im glad you had a fun weekend! You are such a social butterfly and total YELLOW personality which I LOVE about you. One of these days Im going to bump into you, and we will have a nice little chat! So many things I can learn from ya ! Have a good one!

Amy said...

You looked hot! LOVE the shoes girl, and your husband is like mine, as soon as someone says 'smile' he goes into dork mode. ;)

Kyka and Ev said...

Seriously? I never find hot, sexy and brand new shoes for $6. That's awesome. What fun ideas for parties. When Evan and I first got married we had a
Sleepover in our living room because I hadnt moved my queen size bed into his house yet. Good times.

Team Clark said...

Wow - looks like so much fun. And you're so very busy!
I don't quite remember what we did this weekend...obviously it wasn't very memorable!

Amy said...

What the $6 shoes?! Those.Are.Sweet.
And -- @ your comment, I know you are the sweetest ever. No worries on that count - and glad you said something :) :).

Nicole... given said...

your hair is totally sassy i love it!

Anna said...

I'm awarding you the Stylish Blog Award! Love the pajama party idea! SO cute:)


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