Monday, February 28, 2011

4 leaf clovers, cards, performing, and just a lil busy...

I have been bad at blogging these last two weeks. I have had a lot going on and honestly haven't wanted to blog for more reasons than one. But, I thought I better add a little update for you all. 

First off, you all know I work at Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy teaching musical theater. I have been with that studio since it started almost 12 years ago. Nesha (the owner) used to be my dance teacher, and then once I got into high school I got more serious about singing. She asked me to start teaching her Musical Theater classes at the studio about 4 years ago and I have been doing it ever since. I really love doing it. I only have 30 students, and I only work once a week (Fridays) but I am grateful for it. This last week, the studio did their fireside show at the Covey Center here in Provo. Nesha asked me to sing two songs in it, so I gladly took on the task and it was a lot of fun. 

My niece Aubrey is a dancer in the show and asked me to do her makeup, so she came over a little early to my house and I touched her lil face up. Shes so cute. Such a big smile. 

Here is her all dolled up in her outfit! 

Kevin came to the performance and gave me flowers after :) Hes a cutie. Love him... 

Here are the flowers he gave me. 

I have never been a HUGE fan of roses, but I still like them a lot and they were so beautifully bloomed!

Here is the video of one of the songs I sang. 

Besides that, I have been TRYING to craft once in a while. I haven't had any energy to do it. BUT, here are two things I made this last month. 
This first thing is a card I made for Kevins dad. It was his birthday last Monday, so I put together a little something since we just got him a gift card to put inside. 

I also made these last night. Since I don't have a cricut, I printed out a 4 leaf clover online and then cut it out. I painted my block green first, then put the clover down on it and painted a cream right over it. When I took it off, it was so cute. I just distressed it and put a layer of mod podge over it to make it a little shiny. I did the same thing to the lucky block, but I just drew the letters on paper and cut them out. So, yes I know my hand writing isn't the best right here, but I think it's still cute. 

 I am freaking  busy. 
I got a new job at the Utah School of Music and Dance. I am just blogging/reception/personal assistant for them right now about 15 hours a week, but they want me to possibly start teaching a class there soon! They are such nice people that own the place. They mostly do private lessons in guitar, piano, voice, cello, saxophone, flute.. basically all the instruments. They also teach a rock band class where they get 7 kids on the same skill level and teach them how to play in a band. Then, they just started a dance program a little bit ago so they only have a few students. But, I love it so far there. It's been fun. I still do hair as well, although it's been incredibly slow the last month or two. So yes, I am crazy busy, and have no time for anything anymore. 

Also, my depression pills aren't working. great. (This section is TMI)
So, off to the doctor I go tomorrow to try to figure something out. I also have to talk to her about the whole not ovulating thing again, because now it's a month shy of a year from when I last had my period. So, now it's time to get serious about the tests and fertility drugs or whatever. 

Also, some women don't have any tact!
Another person asked me if I was pregnant on Saturday night. She said "How far along are you?" 
Ok really? I'm just fat. Even though I have lost 5 pounds. 
You just don't ask that question. 

So, yep. That's my real two cents for the day. All kinds of emotions running through my mind at this moment. I'm bound to have a good day today though, because yesterday was bad. So, the good and the bad, you gotta have it all huh?

Also, I am grateful for my visiting teacher. She brought me delicious banana bread last night. Just enough to make me smile a bit. 

What have you all been up do lately?  

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Amy said...

Love the flowery fashion & sorry @ the medicine not working =/, no fun! I hope your day gets better & I have a friend that's done all of the fertility 'things' many time (with success) so let me know if you need any info on who to go to!

Kayla said...

That's how you know Nesha!! I love her!
Gill I am sorry about the fertility! It will happen! Keep your chin up!

And way to go on the 5 LBS!!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!

Love the Lucky sign! Lets go to the Temple soon! :) That would make you feel better to see me and to go to the temple! ;)

PaigeE said...

You're lucky to be doing so many things you love! I wish I was so talented :)
Call me if you ever want to talk or hang out. Keep in mind I do have a baby who is with me always so that might turn you off from being my friend. I'm almost always around.
Miss you beautiful girl!

Dave and Tana said...

Busy busy busy lady! I don't know how you have to for the fun stuff like crafting and all! If you can fit it into your busy life I am bound to be able to fit it into mine...I need to start:)

Dave and Tana said...

*to= time ":)

Jess said...

I'm super jealous that you are still so involved in music! So awesome! Also, I think it is INSANE that people ask if you're pregnant! You look great! You need to be around the people who see me, because I have never been asked if I'm pregnant...and it's obvious that I am. Urgh. Anyways, love you. I think you're awesome.

Amy @ Flowery Fashion said...



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