Monday, February 28, 2011

4 leaf clovers, cards, performing, and just a lil busy...

I have been bad at blogging these last two weeks. I have had a lot going on and honestly haven't wanted to blog for more reasons than one. But, I thought I better add a little update for you all. 

First off, you all know I work at Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy teaching musical theater. I have been with that studio since it started almost 12 years ago. Nesha (the owner) used to be my dance teacher, and then once I got into high school I got more serious about singing. She asked me to start teaching her Musical Theater classes at the studio about 4 years ago and I have been doing it ever since. I really love doing it. I only have 30 students, and I only work once a week (Fridays) but I am grateful for it. This last week, the studio did their fireside show at the Covey Center here in Provo. Nesha asked me to sing two songs in it, so I gladly took on the task and it was a lot of fun. 

My niece Aubrey is a dancer in the show and asked me to do her makeup, so she came over a little early to my house and I touched her lil face up. Shes so cute. Such a big smile. 

Here is her all dolled up in her outfit! 

Kevin came to the performance and gave me flowers after :) Hes a cutie. Love him... 

Here are the flowers he gave me. 

I have never been a HUGE fan of roses, but I still like them a lot and they were so beautifully bloomed!

Here is the video of one of the songs I sang. 

Besides that, I have been TRYING to craft once in a while. I haven't had any energy to do it. BUT, here are two things I made this last month. 
This first thing is a card I made for Kevins dad. It was his birthday last Monday, so I put together a little something since we just got him a gift card to put inside. 

I also made these last night. Since I don't have a cricut, I printed out a 4 leaf clover online and then cut it out. I painted my block green first, then put the clover down on it and painted a cream right over it. When I took it off, it was so cute. I just distressed it and put a layer of mod podge over it to make it a little shiny. I did the same thing to the lucky block, but I just drew the letters on paper and cut them out. So, yes I know my hand writing isn't the best right here, but I think it's still cute. 

 I am freaking  busy. 
I got a new job at the Utah School of Music and Dance. I am just blogging/reception/personal assistant for them right now about 15 hours a week, but they want me to possibly start teaching a class there soon! They are such nice people that own the place. They mostly do private lessons in guitar, piano, voice, cello, saxophone, flute.. basically all the instruments. They also teach a rock band class where they get 7 kids on the same skill level and teach them how to play in a band. Then, they just started a dance program a little bit ago so they only have a few students. But, I love it so far there. It's been fun. I still do hair as well, although it's been incredibly slow the last month or two. So yes, I am crazy busy, and have no time for anything anymore. 

Also, my depression pills aren't working. great. (This section is TMI)
So, off to the doctor I go tomorrow to try to figure something out. I also have to talk to her about the whole not ovulating thing again, because now it's a month shy of a year from when I last had my period. So, now it's time to get serious about the tests and fertility drugs or whatever. 

Also, some women don't have any tact!
Another person asked me if I was pregnant on Saturday night. She said "How far along are you?" 
Ok really? I'm just fat. Even though I have lost 5 pounds. 
You just don't ask that question. 

So, yep. That's my real two cents for the day. All kinds of emotions running through my mind at this moment. I'm bound to have a good day today though, because yesterday was bad. So, the good and the bad, you gotta have it all huh?

Also, I am grateful for my visiting teacher. She brought me delicious banana bread last night. Just enough to make me smile a bit. 

What have you all been up do lately?  

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

losing poundage

Growing up, I was always super super tall and skinny. I basically ate what I want, and when I wanted, but then like I posted before, I was really picky, so the older I got, the less I ate. I got really skinny at one time- I weighed 127 when I was a senior in high school, and was 5'9". 

When I Got married, I started birth control, and weight was rapidly gaining on my body. I honestly got fat really really fast, so because of that, I have stretch marks ALL over my body. My stretch marks on my legs go all the way down to my knees. My chest has then all over. I also gained weight in that area, which I was ok with haha! But, the rest of it, I hated. I became to hate my body. I was basing it on what I used to look like. I was also dancing every day and keeping in really good shape, so I never had to worry about anything I ate. Once I got married, I didnt really dance anymore and I didn't have a gym pass. 

I got really sick of my body image, so I got a gym pass in the summer. I didn't go as much as I should have. But I did go. I wasn't really watching what I ate though. So, no poundage was really lost. I guess it could have, but we didn't own a scale until a few weeks ago, so I would have had no way to measure it. As of a few months ago, I weighed a whopping 178. I nearly cried when I stepped on the scale at the doctor. In 4 short years, I had gained over 50 pounds. Oh my gosh. That's disgusting. (for me.) After hearing "How far along are you???" about 10 times, (NOT kidding. People are idiots) I decided it was time to CHANGE.

I told Kevin we had to buy a scale, and that I was going to go to the gym more. This was about a month ago that I did that. Plus, I got the surgery on my mouth, and did the liquid diet for a while, so I am sure that helped. 

I am proud to say, I have lost 5 pounds this month! YAY!! I now weigh 173. My body fat percentage also went down 2 percent. For me, I feel good about that. I have gone to the gym and tried to take more vitamins and eat more healthy. It's been hard, but I have never had an easy time losing weight. So, today, I post pictures of what I look like. (I took these this morning) I still have a pudgy belly and a flabby bum, and a more than flabby arms and legs, but I am starting to feel better. I kinda look like I am prego. It's sad. I wish I really was, because then I would have an excuse to being fat haha!

So, go me! I want to lose about 15 more pounds. Hopefully I reach this goal soon and stay in shape. Working out makes me feel better. 

I guess though, getting surgery on your mouth, and being depressed and stressed out really helps the diet ;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A great weekend

We had the best weekend. Seriously. It was jam packed full of fun things. 
First off, we played parents on friday night with the woodhouse kids. (their mom is the owner of the dance studio Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy- where I teach musical theater.) They have 3 kids, but we only took the two oldest, Dalyn who is 8 and Amberlee who is 11. We were going to go to a movie, but all the kids ones were sold out at the times we needed to go, so we went to wingers with them and then rented a red box (toy story 3) and came home to set up our mattress in the living room and watch the movie! We really did have a fun time. They are really really easy kids to watch, so polite and fun. Plus, I have known both of them while they were in their mommy's tummy! So I have grown up babysitting them since they were both babies.

Saturday, was one of my BEST friends bday parties! Her name is Kenna, she is engaged to Kevins best friend Jon. Her and I have become such good friends over the last 15 months that her and Jon have been dating, and I am so happy they are getting married! yay! 

For her bday party, she had a pajama/breakfast party at 10AM! It was so much fun! There were stuffed animals and blankets and a HUGE breakfast buffet.. a total fun kid party. haha! One of the guys who came brought his new dog- Baxter, who is the cutest dog ever. We all had fun passing him around.  

Here are some of the breakfast cookers! Tanner, and Jon. We had crepes, pancakes, sausage, cereal, muffins, eggs, hashbrowns, and all kinds of juices and milk. mmmmm. Don't mind my no makeup face and hair in a pony tail. She said it was a PAJAMA party you know! haha

That night, we went to another friends birthday- Jaron. He is another one of kevins best buddies! He had a james bond themed party. It was seriously so fun. We all had to dress up really nice in suits and cocktail dresses. They had all kinds of yummy drinks (all non alcoholic) like pina coladas, and a raspberry lemon drink thing. They also had tons of food, cheese cake, veggies, shrimp, cake, fruit, chocolate.. it was all so good. The boys played poker- without money of course- and the girls kinda just hung around!

I realized before the party that I didn't really have anything cocktail ish. So, I went to forever 21, but all the dresses were way too short. So, my next idea was to go to DI. I had a black dress already, that I thought maybe I could dress up with some shoes and jewelry. So, I found these brand new still shoes for 6 dollars. SUPER HOT! I love these!!!!!

Here is me and lover at the party. Keep in mind he doesnt know how to smile normal in pictures. ;)

he is super sexy guys. like, really sexy. I love him. 

me and my bestie kenna! 

Kenna and Jon- the newly engaged couple

The host of the party, Jaron, and his cute girl Courtney who we all love! I hope it works out for them!!

Kennas brother came, and then there is Melissa in this picture. She is dating one of Kevins friends James. 

Here is what I wore. I kinda look like I am going to church. But oh well. It's all I had to come up with. I wore diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet, hooker shoes, and yea. 

Then, we decided to take our mattress out and have a sleepover and watch a movie! We didn't get home till midnight, but our bed frame kinda broke so Kevin has been fixing it and we don't want to lay on it till the gorilla glue dries in one spot. So, thus, the sleepover in the front room. 

 I seriously loved our weekend. I love when it's jam packed full of good friends, food, and of course, all the time I can spend with my babe. 

What did you do for the weekend?

Friday, February 18, 2011

your gonna love my double chin

okay, so I decided to do a vlog because I saw someone else do this (becky at blue cricket design) and thought it was sooo much fun to watch. She is funny. 

So, while I was driving to my interview at the Utah School of Music and Dance (which I GOT!! by the way!) I started talking and rambling on my camera. 

I look super funny and am slightly embarrassed that I am posting this. But oh well. It's something new I guess. 

I have a big zit on my chin. I have a double chin. I have a lisp. I am chomping on gum. My nostrils are humungo.  And I say 'like' a million times. And "um".  I don't do things like this because I repeat the things I say a million times where as in a blog I can collect my words and edit them.. but this is the real me! 

I'm talking about how I like being real on my blog and why I write the things I write. I also am mostly just rambling and sounding stupid. But, enjoy. Or not. 

let's keep it real.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

100 followers.. WOW!

Um... I just reached a 100 followers!! I just noticed tonight! This is SOOO super exciting to me, and because of that, I want to do something special...

How about a week of giveaways??? Every day I will giveaway something! Some days I might even give away two things! Oh wow. This is gonna be fun. I have lots of ideas!! I will launch the week of giveaways in a week and a half! Sound good? (if anyone is interested in sponsoring a product for the week of giveaways, email me at 

Thanks for all your love and support. I love each and every one of you. Thanks for believing in me, reading my blog, commenting, being a true friend, and always supporting me! I feel so blessed.

So, what do you think?? What kind of things do you want to see in the giveaway?

Have a good night!

Love weekend

Real quick, The winner of my jewelry holder is Holly! Winner chose on Holly, text me and we will figure out where to send it to :)

We kinda drug our Vday all through the weekend. It was kinda nice. :) 

First, Friday I had to teach musical theater, so after that, I came home and Kev took me to Chili's for dinner. We have discovered how much we love their food... the salsa and chips are delicious! We also went to FYE (the music store) and a few other stores just to look around. 

We didn't get to dinner until like 8pm so by the time we were done eating, it was late, so we decided to come home and go to bed like old married people! Haha. We were in bed by like 10:30 on a friday night.. awesome. My mouth was hurting though after that loooong day so I was glad to get some good rest. 

Saturday, Kevin and I slept in and then he made waffles for breakfast. We then got the chance to watch our cute new nephew Austin. He is about 2 and a half months old, and just the best baby in the world! We loved watching him! 

After that, I wasn't feeling that well so I got my book out (mocking jay) and I fell asleep. Kev came and woke me up a little bit after and then we went to get an ice cream cone at maceys. 

Sunday, the morning started off horrible. 
We teach sunbeams, and we only have 3 kids. But let me tell you what. They were HORRIBLE for us. They screamed the whole time and kept running around and hitting each other. It was a nightmare. I went to go get the primary president and she said there was nothing she could do about it because they were that way in sharing time while the bishop was there but they just don't know how to be reverent. So, looks like our next lesson I will have all 3 kids parents sit in and have a lesson about reverence. I can't handle another Sunday like that. I wish you all could have seen them. They were monsters. I almost started to cry. 

But, then Sacrament was better and then I came home and had a long nap and read my book. 

Every Valentines Day, my mom likes to do a dinner for the family at her house, so we went up there. It was good food, we had lasagna and fettuccine for those who don't like lasagna (me) and homemade bread sticks, a salad, homemade chocolate cake and homemade cookies and cream ice cream! It was soo good. Driving up to Elk Ridge I took a few pictures of my home town. So beautiful. I loved living in Elk Ridge... 

me and my mommy

My cute little brother Ammon gave us all a valentine. I love him! 

Adam and Amy made the homemade icecream which was really really good

my mom made the homemade cake... yum!!

Me and Ammon! He recently got what is called a chattervox- (his microphone) to help him talk louder. Since he got his trach out, he has never gotten his voice back so its just a small whisper. But, this mic helps him. 

Cute little Austin!! Love this boy

My mom made me this valentine. I love my mommy. She is so funny. This was clever I thought

Then, we came home that night and made cupcakes for some friends and heart attacked their doors and left cupcakes! I love the way they turned out. Super cute. It was fun door bell ditching our friends!

On Monday, (Vday) Kevin and I exchanged gifts in the morning and then he had school till 8PM last night, so I surprised him and made homemade pizza and did a candle light dinner!! 

This turned out perfectly!! (before I cooked it)

This one not so much haha (before I cooked it)

The breadsticks

I even dipped a few strawberries. I suck at that.

I got sparkling cider and set out our nice cups

Here is kevins meat lovers pizza. Bacon, Pepperonies, olives, cheese, Sausage 

Mine, olives, pepporonies, cheese. It kinda rose WAY too much in the oven and the toppings all kinda fell apart haha. I made these two pizzas because I thought we could freeze them! (which we did after dinner)

the clinking of the class haha

I love us!

These were sooo good.

Look at that thick crust!!

I love my husband so much and am so grateful I got to spend some time with him this Vday. I also love my friends and family so much! Thanks all of you for making life worth it :)


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