Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentines Day Wreath

 Last night I got the craft itch! I had a few things around the house so I threw together a small vday wreath. 

I got this from the dollar store. 

and 2 of these rolls for a dollar at the dollar store too

I wrapped the crepe paper around the wreath and then made some rosettes. The big flower I did, but actually, Kevin did the smaller ones!!! Not even kidding! I was looking at a website trying to figure out how to do them and I could not for the life of me make them look as pretty as he could. He's my new crafting partner. 

At first I only had 3 rosettes on the bottom, but decided it was too plain. 

So, I added 6 to each side. 

I love it!!

I also bought some pewter charms. One on the left is a moon with a heart shooting across, and the other is a heart with U+Me

On the back of the moon, it says to the moon and back, and the heart one is always. I love them! I plan to have kevin make small holes in them and put them on a charm bracelet. 

In other news, I started this book today. This is about my 10th book for the year so far. I will let you know how it is!


Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

That wreath is so cute & simple! & Go Husband for gettin his craft on! All of your v-day decor is too cute! Can't wait to put some up in my little appartment!

Loveridge said...

Jill! You should post the tutorial on how to make the rosettes. :) I want to make this! I can't believe Kevin did those small ones, haha that's funny. I love it!

The Duke said...

Want to make me a wreath like that one? I love it! You're hired. (Maybe a Sunday dinner for pay.)

Brianna said...

Way cute! Good job :)
*found you at vintagewannabee*

Mike and Adrianne said...

Super cute. I'm making rosettes like that for the nursery. We have similar tastes.

Lauren @ YoungNester said...

I love this inexpensive craft! I would love for you to link up to my Ten Buck Tuesday link parties!


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