Friday, January 28, 2011

Tooth Fiasco: Warning- Graphic!

Oh my glory. What a couple of days it has been. 

Warning, this post is kinda gross and has pictures of my teeth and stitches... so if you don't like that stuff, don't look at it. :)

A year ago, I got a root canal. I went in with a tooth ache, and he said I didn't even have a cavity on it. It was just dead, and gray. So, root canal they did. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But then, it never got all the way better. It didn't throb like it used to, but I was never able to eat anything chewy or hard on that side. 

A year goes by, me having all this pain, because we didn't have insurance. And this kind of stuff is really REALLY expensive. I have always taken really good care of my teeth, so I just flossed it really good and brushed a ton. I thought maybe it was just a massive cavity on the side of the tooth. 

The other day, I was eating some goldfish crackers and they were KILLING my tooth. I knew I had to go in. So, I called the dentist that day, (Tuesday) and they said to come in at 4 that day. When I got there, they gave me xrays and there were no cavities in that area, and it looked good. But, with all the pain, he thought that maybe he might not have gone down far enough in the first root canal. By this time it was almost 5 PM, the time they close, but he said he wanted to stay later and fix it all because he felt bad I didn't come in sooner and tell him it was hurting! He went down in the root and realized that the infection had gotten down into my bone. OH. MY. GLORY. Ow. He had to cut my gums out from around it to get down there, and he chipped at my bone to get out what he could. He then filled in the tooth, and stitched up the side of my mouth. 

this is what it looked like that night. OH my heck. It kills

He said that I will have to go back in 2 weeks, get my tooth pulled, and get a titanium root implant. Basically, they will screw this thing in, let the bone grow around it for 2 months, and heal, and then they will put a crown on it after it's gotten better. So, more pain for me. And, going two months without a tooth is gonna rock. not. 

Here is what it looks like today. It hurts worse today than it did the first day. My whole jaw and chin bones are completely in pain and I feel like I just got my wisdom teeth out!

I don't blame him though, because in all the xrays it looks fine, and I should have come in earlier to get it fixed. I know he would have fixed it for free. He isn't charging us for any of this, which is soo kind of him. And, he stayed late at work to fix it. I have been going to him for 15 years, and he has always been SO great. Never had a problem. Stuff like this just happens. He called me this morning to see how I was doing, and told me he went to the temple with his wife this morning and after the session, he was thinking about me and hoping I was doing ok. He said he felt like he needed to prescribe me some pain meds and an antibiotic. So he called, and got it taken care of! He's a nice guy. 

So, yes, I am in pain, and hoping to loose 10 pounds on this liquid diet. haha. And yes, I sound funny when talking. And yes, My cheek is puffy. And do not hug me on the right side, because my cheek will hit your face and it will hurt. :)



Anonymous said...

Oh Gillian! What a nightmare, but what a nice dentist. I wish you a speedy recovery.

The Dayleys said...

Dear Gillan,
I am so sorry about your tooth!
I hope you start feeling better!
Teeth problems are never good :(
Best wishes to you lady! You'll be in my prayers!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, so I totally had to read this, but I'm not good with photos like that, so I held my hand over them and read the story. OUCH! SOOOOOOoooooooO sorry that you had to do that, I hope it gets better quick!

Amy said...

P.S. Who is your dentist, he sounds awesome.

Clint and Gillian said...

Oh no! What a nightmare! You have such a great dentist, what a kind and generous man. And how wonderful that he was thinking of you after he went to the temple. Good luck with the pain, I hope it doesn't hurt too bad!!

Jerri said...

How are your teeth right now, Gillian? Is your cheek smaller now? Just a reminder: when you still have toothaches, try to use hot compress so that it won't be inflamed. You can also rush to the dentist to check if the implant moved unintentionally.

Jerri Larimore


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