Sunday, January 23, 2011

A to Z dating- The letter A

I have this friend Amy- who started doing this really fun dating game where you do the alphabet of dates! Each date you plan around the letter, and go in order of the alphabet. We decided to follow the crowd, haha, and start the game! 

This weekend, we decided we wanted to start it. We didn't decide till 7 PM on friday night, so really, we didn't have anything cool planned. Hopefully we can plan really cool dates from here on out. Anyway, we started with A. We went to Applebee's (couldn't think of anywhere else to go besides Arby's.. yuck) We asked our friends Jon and Kenna to come along! It was seriously a blast. We laughed all night long! It went  from awesome, to AWKWARD, to awesome at the end. I will explain the awkward later. 

So first off, we got into Applebee's and the hostess was talking flirting with one of the waiters. We waited for her to greet us for a good 30 seconds, and when one of the waitresses saw that we STILL were being ignored, the waitress said "Hi, how many in your party?" And finally, the hostess looked up and was super ornery. Haha. We just laughed, but incase you wanna know who it is, Her name was Lauren, so try to avoid that hostess... lol

We got the BEST waiter in the world. He was sooo funny, all of us were dying of laughter! He reminded me of my brother Lance so much, it made me miss him :(

While we were there, we were really annoyed with the hostess (you would have been too if you were there) so we told our waiter about this stupid girl who shouldn't be working there. The waiter laughed and said "yea, she is an ornery person. But let me get our manager, maybe he will give you free food!" So, the manager comes over. Oh. My. Gosh. If anyone has been to the orem applebee's, please tell me you understand what I am about to say. He is Hispanic, and you can not hardly understand a word he said. When he walked over, we told him about the hostess, and he just kinda sat there, almost like he didn't understand what we were saying, and just kept saying sorry. He walked away, but it was the most awkward thing we have EVER experienced! He is so weird to talk to! I can't even explain it, its just something about him, that makes him really really hard to talk to hahahaha. Needless to say, he didn't do anything about it. 

They have a 2 for $20 deal going on right now, so Kevin got the riblets, and I got the chicken basket. We got queso sauce and chips for our appetizer. It was amazing :)

Here is me and the babe! Don't mind my hair.. I need to color it. 

Jon and Kenna! They are soo much fun. We are excited that they are finally engaged!!!! If you can get the picture bigger, check out her ring. It's sooo cool. She got turquoise on it!

After dinner, we headed on over to Best buy because Jon had to pick up a new camera he ordered online. While there, we played with the Apple computers! 
We planned on going to the Arcade after, but when we walked in, it was packed, and we didn't see any open games... so we left. 

Instead, We headed over to Arctic Circle for some ice cream cones. 


We had a really fun date! Can't wait to keep having them and get all the way to Z- because I want to go to the Zoo!!! :) 


The Dayleys said...

YEA! I love that your starting A to Z dating! I SOOO need to get with the popular people on this one ;) HA HA. You look AWESOME in the pic!! Very cute :)

Team Clark said...

Looks like fun, Gillian - glad you guys had a great time!

Dave and Tana said...

I love the 2 for 20 deal. Fun idea!

Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

My husband & I had just decided to do that! The thing is I haven't heard of anyone else doing it. Can't wait to hear how the other 25 dates go ;)


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