Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hand washing no more!

I posted on facebook the other day about how much I HATE dishes. I was sick all last week, and I let the dishes pile up farther and farther. Kevin would have done them if he even had a lick of time between school and work. He usually does anything if I ask him to, but to be honest, dishes are kinda my thing. He will put away the dishes when they are clean, put away the food, takes out all the garbage, and ALWAYS does the laundry, but I like to do the bathroom, dishes, make the bed, and vacuum. The reason I like to do the dishes even though I HATE them, is because I can get them done way faster than he can. He takes foooooorrrreeeever and he doesnt like them even more than me. 

Growing up, we had a dishwasher in our Elk Ridge house but it broke not too long after we moved there. We washed dishes by hand for years and that made it so that I never wanted to touch a dish again. Well, I move here, and we didnt have a dishwasher, but we were poor and this was a great apartment. Now, I am cursing I didn't demand a dishwasher haha!

So, when my friend Erin saw on facebook that I wanted one, she said she was selling her countertop dishwasher for a small amount! Kev and I went and checked it out, and decided we liked it enough and liked the little rolly thing it comes on. So, we got it. We had to rearrange our kitchen quite a bit, but it looks ok I think. I need to get a few things still for it, since the colors im going for are red, black, and white. (the colors they have been since we got married and moved in) That's what all our kitchen appliances and towels are. 

So, as you can see, we moved the table out of the corner, hung up the chalk board and apron holder on the wall, and moved the pantry thing to this wall too. The light switch is right at the edge on the right side so we couldn't move it any farther to the right. The shadow makes it hard to see, but the second apron holder actually has about an inch or two inbetween the pantry thing. So, it worked out pretty good. 

Another angle

Here is our small dishwasher haha! It actually fits more dishes than I thought it would! Its gonna be glorious when we can just stick all our dinner dishes in there! The rolly thing will just roll on up to the sink. We used to have our pantry right there on that wall, but switched it. I also moved my magnet board over there too. 

I added this shelf up here. It was in the spare bedroom. The flowers were what was in the spare bedroom, but I will be putting a black polka dotted ribbon on it and red gerber daisies in the vase. 

Here's my sexy lover reading the manual to the dishwasher. 

Our kitchen seems a lot smaller now, but it's ok. I know it doesn't look amazing in there, but hey, we are poor! It's the best us married students can do :) Hope you like! 


Alex and Becca said...

Oh you are so awesome. I love it. The kitchen looks great. I want to see it in person!

Michelle said...

I thought it was microwave at first glance. I've never seen such a neat looking dishwasher. I would have loved to have one of those when I was newly married. Too cool, great find.

Amy said...

Our first four years we didn't have a dishwasher, now that we do -- so glad. And I'm glad you guys have one too, that's awesome they make them that size, it's perfect!

The Dayleys said...

I don't know how you guys have lived without a dishwasher?!?! That was one of the TOP important needs when we moved into a place lol. Even with one, Mitch does the dishes most of the time :) I'm excited for you guys lol. Dishwashers are the BEST!!

Kayla said...

I am So excited for you! The room change looks fab, and I love the shelf! It ties everything in perfectly! YAY for dishwashers!!!!

Kira And James Morris said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad you posted this! When I saw this, I too thought it was a microwave, I'm glad I read the whole thing and looked again! I don't have one, and I would give ANYTHING to get one. I didn't know they made "counter-top dishwashers" but now that I do, I am on the search for buying one! Wish me Luck at finding one and we can celebrate together!

Kyka and Ev said...

Oh man... since Evan and I have been married (it'll be 3 years next month), we've lived in 4 rental. When we moved from 3 to 4 I decided that Evan can find us our new place. But on a couple conditions: dishwasher (check), Washer and dryer hookups (check), yardwork needs to be done (either by Ev or landlord) cuz I'm allergic (check). Those are the luxeries I can't live without now. Hopefully our next move will be to a house we buy.. and it needs to have CLOSET SPACE!! The rental Evan found that we live in now has tiny closets and so my clothes are both bedroom closets. Glad you got a dishwasher!! YAY

Papa Doc said...

YOu probably do not remember this, but we did not have a dishwasher that worked in Walton. I do not ever remember having one before. But when we were about to move we decided that it was wise to replace the old broken one. So we bought a new one, put it in, then moved. We did not have one in Spanish Fork at all. So now it is like heaven.

Dad Clark


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