Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't sit in lotion!

 Last night, Kevin asked me to rub some lotion on his back. He has super super dry skin. It cracks and bleeds on his hands in the winter. It breaks my heart! So anyway, we have looked all over to find a perfect lotion for him that would work. We were at the dollar store one day and saw one called Dermasil, and he said he wanted to try it even though it probably wouldn't work because it was from the dollar store. Well, he's fallen in love with it, and uses it every night and it's worked out amazing for him! While putting it on his back last night, I left the lid off and sat it next to me in bed. I moved and I guess I sat on it. I didn't feel it or anything, but then when I went to grab more lotion, I felt lotiony stuff all over! I had let it all squeeze out onto our sheets! haha!

This is what my hand looked like when I reached to grab the bottle. 

Yep, it got on my clothes. We were laughing so hard. It was like 11 PM and I could not stop laughing because it was such a dumb thing and it was late.. I was like slap happy. Kevin then took the lotion and tried to put all of it back in! That was the best part, but he wouldn't let me get a picture of that because he was embarrassed hahahahaa. It was awesome. Lesson learned, don't leave the lid off of lotion on your bed!

On another note, here are the flowers I chose for my shelf and the black and white polka dot ribbon!

What do ya think?

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