Sunday, January 9, 2011

Domestic Diva!

 Well, I guess blogging hasn't been at the top of my to- do list this last week! But, lots has been going on, so lets get into the good stuff. 

Kevin started school on Monday. He goes from noon-8 Mondays and Wednesdays. He is taking Business Communications, Technical Math 2, A Computer Tech Class, and a Methods and Materials class. I think he is going to get burnt out really fast, because an 8 hour day at school is reallllly long. He works in the mornings on those days from 8-10:30 too, so I hope he will be able to make it through this semester! 

I kinda had a lazy week this week. I had a few migraines. They are coming back with a vengence. It's really sad actually.. I was hoping they would go away!! It's been really bad. I just pray I can wake up without one everyday. I also have some back problems. Like I blogged about a while ago, when I was in Lake Powell, I hurt my back on the tube. I went to Insta care when I came back home and I was in soo much pain. He told me it was just that my back was out of alignment, so he popped it a million times till I was almost screaming in pain. A few months go by, but I am still in a lot of pain. I can't sleep on a certain side because it pulls on my back in a weird way and kills. So, as of Jan. 1st, I got insurance again (thanks mom!!!) and so off to the physical therapist I went. He felt my back and had me explain whats been going on, and basically, my joints in my ribs on the left side are all sprained. I have to go to physical therapy once a week now and he said it takes a while to heal. The problem is that all my joints are really flexible so they have to get strengthened so they get tighter. (if that makes sense.) So yes, I'm a little (a lot) frustrated with my body. I always have something wrong going on. It's super annoying. I just want to be healthy and go 1 year without ANY PROBLEMS!!! 

This week we went to dinner with our good friends Jon and Kenna. They just got engaged (YAYAYAYA!!!). We went to Red Robin. It was fun, and we played this funny game where we had eachother guess what the people behind them looked like by asking questions about what they were wearing, how old they were, hair color, blah blah. It was kinda funny haha. We have enjoyed hanging out with them so much, and can't wait for them to get married!!

 I have been crafting quite a bit lately. Here are a few projects I worked on this last week: 

My sister in law Sharese gave me some scrapbook paper that matched my room so I made a pencil holder- we always have pens and pencils laying around ALL the time

I didn't know where to put all my bracelets either, so I made another little holder for them and threw them all in there. 

I added some paper to the top of my jewelry holder to make it not so boring!

my other sister in law Lisa gave me this adorable frame for my birthday - and it matches perfectly!! I put this on Kevins side table.

I made this decoration this last week. I painted the wood black, modpodged the paper on, made a paper flower and hot glued that on, and added some black ribbon. 

This is how its sitting on the table. I want to add some candles still. 

Also, if you didn't get a christmas card from us, here it is! Hope you all had a great christmas. 

I cooked a lot this week. I made homemade bread and breadsticks! Sooo yummy... 

I also made homemade pizza... gosh it was so delicious. I Think I will be making homemade bread more often... 

Today I have chicken in the crockpot. I'm making chicken enchiladas... mmmm :)

This week should be a pretty busy one. I have to get some music cut for musical theater, I'm going to west jordan to craft with my sister in law, I'm going to an ultra sound appointment with my sister in law to find out the gender of her baby, I'm working, cooking, making lots and lots of cakes (cake decorating post coming soon), I have a baby shower to go to, and Kev and I are watching our nephews and niece for the weekend. So, Busy Busy! Life never slows down does it!


Dave and Tana said...

that pizza looks yummy!

Alex and Becca said...

homemade pizza! yummmmmmmm!

Amy said...

Your crafts with the scrapbook paper look adorable, nice work :)! And the pizza, seriously yum -- do you have the recipe for your dough? If so.... I'd love to have it! schnakums @ hotmail . com

Kayla said...

I dont know if you remember me...But we were in the singles ward together! :)

A few weeks ago you came and sang with sister woodhouse in my ward...Your voice is amazing!! I was envious!


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