Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crayon Rolls TUTORIAL

 I have seen these crayon rolls around the blogging world so I decided to whip up some of my own. Here is my simple version of how to make them! I am not really great at explaining how to do this, so please, if you can't understand, ask questions, or search on google how to make these. haha. 

First off, find two fabrics that go well together. Decide how many crayons you want in it. For each crayon you should measure about an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half apart. That way you can tell how long to make the crayon holder. Mine holds 9 crayons. 

This first picture shows that its measured 7'x13' but I decided thats too tall, so I cut two inches off of it making it 5'x13'. So, cut it, then the top fabric (my pink one) fold in half and pin the bottom about an inch and a half apart. 

Then, sew directly up in a line where you pinned. Make sure to back stitch at the top. (I only sewed a tiny bit past the pink fabric. You don't want to go all the way to the top of the other one, your just making little pockets.)

Then, cut out the same size of fabric as you did the first time (5x13) and put right sides together and sew all around the edges, leaving about 4 or 5 inches at the top to turn it inside out. 

once its turned inside out, it will look like this, and you can put the crayons in. I hot glue gunned the 3 or 4 inches shut because I don't know anything about sewing hardly and didn't want my top stitch to show. Haha. 

You can roll it up, and tie it with some fabric. 

Super easy, fast, and even people who don't know how to sew (ahem, me) can make these! Perfect for church or purses when you are places and your kids need a quiet activity. 


Jess and Jen said...

Very cute! Good job!

The Duke said...

I think you mean 5" and 13", etc., not 5' or 13'. You might want to correct that.

Amy said...

Hey!! I HOPE you remember me! Cody's wife - him and Kev work together :). I just found your blog and I am so going to blog stalk you - your crafts are SOO adorable!!! If you feel like stalking me back :),
Cute crayon roll tutorial!!

Amy said...

I'm assuming you got the link to work since I got a comment? And no worries - it took me a second in walmart to figure out who you were too, lol. Feel free to do the a-z thing, it's been really fun so far!


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