Tuesday, January 4, 2011

bring it on 2011!

2010 was an exciting year for us. Lots of changes, lots of trials, lots of happiness, lots of growing, lots of everything! We are looking forward to this new year and hope to conquer it with pride!

We had lots of interesting things happen and go on this past year. For the first time, we actually struggled financially for a bit. We hate being poor. But, thats the life when your in school right? We only have one car still, and that's been a struggle getting to where we need to be. We went swimming a lot this summer. Loved that. Kevin slaved away at work and at school- where I stayed home and crafted or watched my favorite shows- one tree hill, life unexpected, and the bachelor. we made new friends, i lost a friend, we laughed together, cried together, and struggled together. We also progressed together, loved eachother, and spend as much time together as we could. I look back on this last year and think- wow. Its been a hard year. I feel like I went through some of the most difficult emotional things I could have gone through in my life thus far. But, this year, I plan on CONQUERING IT!!! Life is about growing and learning and I do feel like this last year, its been all about that. So, i'ma kick 2010 in the butt. glad I don't have to repeat it. HA!

So, here's our year in review.


  • I worked at Cedar Fort still. I was loving it. Kevin was working at CR still and going to school. 
  • This was the month I got into crafting. I started realizing that I could actually make something cute! 
  • I attended some business seminars for blogging. 
  • We paid the most ever on a gas bill- $80
  • It was a pretty lame month, not much going on. 
  • We got heart attacked on our front door
  • We spend a wonderful Valentines day together going to a concert and dinner
  • I threw a baby shower
  • I got my first round of cortisone shots in my hand
  • We got a big TV from my brother. It works great! Its super heavy though
  • I got my Cosmo License!! 
  • I got addicted to the Bachelor...
  • Kev and I hit our 8 month mark of marriage. Such bliss
  • I started working at Salon On the Ave
  • Kev got a raise
  • Kev dressed up as the easter bunny and we went around to peoples houses and gave them eggs.
  • My friend Lizzy got married
  •  problems with periods, ovulation and all the womanly crap really hit rock bottom and started all over again
  • Kev took me on a date to Park City- it was SO fun!
  • We got some goldfish!
  • Our goldfish died.
  • I took a trip to vegas for the Hair Show. First time being away from Kevin for longer than 2 days... it was HARD!!!
  • I quit Cedar Fort
  • I went Platinum Blonde
  • Kev and I danced on the roof of the wells fargo building under the stars
  • We went to comedy sports, twice
  • I got my hand brace and more shots
  • I got stopped in walmart and asked if I would go be a model for tru talent management
  • we got a scooter

  • My sister graduated
  • kev and I took the weekend away and went to Moab
  • my brother lance graduated from UVU
  • my cousin tessa passed away. went to her funeral in idaho
  • kev and I planted our first garden and flowers
  • I got surgery on my hand
  • my husband rocks even more
  • we found out what happens when you leave fruit in a bowl forever untouched....
  • Insurance problems. Really stressed out that we didn't have it
  • my best friend kilee got married. it was a beautiful day, and i was able to do her hair! 
  • the studio had their end year recital. my musical theater students had theirs, and the dance students had one too
  • kev and i went to logan and ate the squeeky cheese!
  • I went to vegas for a wedding
  • kev and i bought our first tent!
  • kev and i went camping at burrsten ponds
  • my husband got hotter and hotter

  • we celebrated our 1 year anniversary!!!!!!!!!!
  • we went to snow bird for the weekend and stayed in the cliff lodge
  • i got a ticket for not having insurance on our scooter- $200
  • we listened to carrie underwood outside of the stadium of fire and watched fireworks

  • kevin celebrated his 24th birthday!
  • i worked at roberts for a little bit
  • kev and i watched ammon for a week
  • someone rearended me. but not a scratch was found.
  • kev started school again. say goodbye to married life..
  • kev and i got called to be sunbeam teachers
  • we got hooked on nerds this month
  • my blog went private because someone got their feelings hurt- but then i decided that being private is overrated and that person can deal with it. they don't have to read it if they dont want to. no one forced them
  • i went to thursdays heros and met the byu football team. kev was able to come too!
  • I really became open about my depression
  • we went to lake powell! my first time
  • i got my craft on
  • we struggled getting back into the swing of school and no more late nights... blah
  • work was crazy busy this month!

  • halloween party at my house
  • kev and i went to cornbellys
  • kev and i carved pumpkins twice
  • kev and i drove the nebo loop
  • i found out that i most likley have pcos
  • my bestie britt went on her mission
  • kev slaved his butt off this month in school
  • I started a depression medication- it's helped lots and lots!

  • We did the black friday thing
  • had thanksgiving at kevins house
  • kevins best friend got married!!
  • I Got a sewing machine!!!
  • kev and I got some amazing fall pictures taken. loved them
  • my sister in law jen had her baby 
  • I discovered melatonin!!
  • We put up our xmas tree

  • Christmas! 
  • brother dave and his wife tana came to visit!
  • kev and I went to the david archuleta concert
  • we went to temple square with our besties Becca and Alex!
  • decked out our house in xmas stuff
  • played in the snow
  • had lots and lots of hot cocoa
  • celebrated my 22nd birthday
  • kevin passed ALL his classes- even his accounting 3000 one, which he got a B!!!!! So proud right now
  • new years eve with alex and becca- so much fun
  • my daddy had his birthday
Man, that's not even all of it. I just barley touched on each month. It's been eventful. It's been full of crazyness and change. I'm looking forward to the new year. Here are just a few of the goals we made  as a couple:

  • Read the BOM together
  • Attend the temple once a month
  • Magnify our callings even more
  • Have date night once a week
  • Don't eat out as much (we hardly do but its just a waste of money)

a few of my personal goals:

  • loose 20 pounds
  • become more spiritual
  • keep my clothes hung up (haha)
  • Make more money to help support kevin in school
  • Learn how to decorate cakes
  • Sew a dress
  • try new foods and try to get over my pickyness
  • cook more often

Bring it on 2011!!!

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The Dayleys said...

I love your tid bits on 2010! It sounds like you had a wonderful year! :) I love that one of your goals is to hang up your clothes lol!! :) I should be putting that on my list too.


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