Monday, January 31, 2011

Super easy Valentine 'xoxo' frame

Oh Glory! I quickly have a lot to blog about.  I have 3 sponsors now! That's great news! This blog is growing and I love it. I love that I have people who can relate to me, and people who can put up with my craziness! Blogging became such a therapudic thing for me, and now, it's even MORE Than that! I have met soo many people through this blog, and I am grateful for each and every comment from you all and for the love and support. 

So, without further ado, I will quickly share with you my newest sponsor (I am doing a whole post on her tomorrow, shes amazing) Her name is Ashli Nicole!

She sent me this headband in the mail! I absolutly love it!! I love how it looks and mostly how it feels in my head. Sometimes those types of headbands slide all over, but this one doesnt! It's amazing.

 It was even wrapped up all cute

Look for a review on her products tomorrow!

Moving on, this is that red bow I was telling you I love so much. It looks so cute in my hair! Like my BYU pajamas? ;)

Ok, this is really what I was posting about. I made this little craft tonight! I am in love with it. I bought the frame at the dollar store, painted it pink, put some fabric I had on the edges of some scrapbook paper, and added chip board letters that were white and glittery. Simple as that!

Don't you love it? What do you think?

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Randomer than random

 This is going to be a totally random post today, but that's ok. I have needed to post about all of these things but just haven't gotten around to it!

First thing, I made some homemade cornbread for the very first time last week! It was SOOOO good. Holy cow. Probably the best cornbread I've ever tasted, just like cake... mm. Maybe if your lucky, I will share the recipe.

The reason I made some is because my friend Jen's husband works with Kevin so we thought it would be fun to take chili and corn bread to them for lunch! It was a big hit, all the guys at their work loved it.

I've been crafting just a little as of late. I made this cute little baby bow. I need a baby to model all my baby bow headbands. I want to do a little photo shoot with all of them, would anyone let me do that?

Here's another one. This one, the bow comes off and you can clip others on it.

I have been wearing this bow the last 2 days, It looks so darn cute in blonde hair! I might have to make another one so I can keep this one...

This is Kev and I at the gateway. We went to the Xdance film festival and had soo much fun!! It's just like the sundance film festival except the movies are extreme sports movies. So, we saw "deeper" with jeremy jones in it. It was amazing. It was one of the coolest things I have seen. It's about this snowboarder who wants to do mountains that people haven't snowboarded on before, and the only way to get to those montains is to hike, because it's too dangerous for a helicopter, so he hikes to these crazy mountains all over the world and then snowboards down them! It's soo neat. Check out the trailer below.

Jeremy jones was even there to answer questions! So cool!

Also, give some love to my sponsor LazaFlair! She added a few new things to her shop!

Valentines Day is coming up, this cute journal is perfect for a coupon book or writing down love notes! (and it's only $8!)

Here is one of her newest additions to her shop- a bookmark holder all blinged up! It's only $6! 

So, don't be shy, head on over to LazaFlair's shop and give her some love. She loves custom made orders too- so get creative!

That's all I got today folks. Pretty random. Tooth update- still hurting, but I have some pain meds, so I have been sleeping a lot.. I think its slowly healing. Some of you asked who my dentist is, it's Craig Christiansen, and he's a super super awesome guy. Check out his facebook

Have a good day!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Tooth Fiasco: Warning- Graphic!

Oh my glory. What a couple of days it has been. 

Warning, this post is kinda gross and has pictures of my teeth and stitches... so if you don't like that stuff, don't look at it. :)

A year ago, I got a root canal. I went in with a tooth ache, and he said I didn't even have a cavity on it. It was just dead, and gray. So, root canal they did. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But then, it never got all the way better. It didn't throb like it used to, but I was never able to eat anything chewy or hard on that side. 

A year goes by, me having all this pain, because we didn't have insurance. And this kind of stuff is really REALLY expensive. I have always taken really good care of my teeth, so I just flossed it really good and brushed a ton. I thought maybe it was just a massive cavity on the side of the tooth. 

The other day, I was eating some goldfish crackers and they were KILLING my tooth. I knew I had to go in. So, I called the dentist that day, (Tuesday) and they said to come in at 4 that day. When I got there, they gave me xrays and there were no cavities in that area, and it looked good. But, with all the pain, he thought that maybe he might not have gone down far enough in the first root canal. By this time it was almost 5 PM, the time they close, but he said he wanted to stay later and fix it all because he felt bad I didn't come in sooner and tell him it was hurting! He went down in the root and realized that the infection had gotten down into my bone. OH. MY. GLORY. Ow. He had to cut my gums out from around it to get down there, and he chipped at my bone to get out what he could. He then filled in the tooth, and stitched up the side of my mouth. 

this is what it looked like that night. OH my heck. It kills

He said that I will have to go back in 2 weeks, get my tooth pulled, and get a titanium root implant. Basically, they will screw this thing in, let the bone grow around it for 2 months, and heal, and then they will put a crown on it after it's gotten better. So, more pain for me. And, going two months without a tooth is gonna rock. not. 

Here is what it looks like today. It hurts worse today than it did the first day. My whole jaw and chin bones are completely in pain and I feel like I just got my wisdom teeth out!

I don't blame him though, because in all the xrays it looks fine, and I should have come in earlier to get it fixed. I know he would have fixed it for free. He isn't charging us for any of this, which is soo kind of him. And, he stayed late at work to fix it. I have been going to him for 15 years, and he has always been SO great. Never had a problem. Stuff like this just happens. He called me this morning to see how I was doing, and told me he went to the temple with his wife this morning and after the session, he was thinking about me and hoping I was doing ok. He said he felt like he needed to prescribe me some pain meds and an antibiotic. So he called, and got it taken care of! He's a nice guy. 

So, yes, I am in pain, and hoping to loose 10 pounds on this liquid diet. haha. And yes, I sound funny when talking. And yes, My cheek is puffy. And do not hug me on the right side, because my cheek will hit your face and it will hurt. :)


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here's to no more bad days for a while

It happened. 

I had my bad day. 

The ONE really really bad day since I started my pills

Like I said in an older post, I started depression medication. It has been SO great. I started to feel like myself again and felt really really happy. I was able to stop being so sensitive and I felt like a whole new person. But then, I ran out of my pills this last Friday. I had samples from the time I started until last Friday. I had the prescription to fill them, and my insurance kicked in on Jan. 1st, so I called Walmart to ask how much it would be. 


Yes. That's a month. For 30 pills. That's around $3.50 a pill. Let me just eat my cash in my wallet. 

So, I went without the pills for a few days. I didn't think I would have a problem, but I did. 

I couldn't call the Doctor because by this time it was late Friday night. So, I knew I had to wait until Monday to call her and see if there was a different Medication I could be on. My insurance said they would cover a bunch of other medications but Lexapro was not one of them. 

I really didn't think it was going to be a big deal, so I kinda forgot about it and just had a fun weekend. And really, we did have such a fun weekend! It was great. But, Monday came, and I woke up in a bad mood. No one had hurt my feelings, no one had been mean to me, I was feeling fine, I just hated life. I didn't want to get out of bed, but I did. Kevin came home for lunch and the first thing I said was "steer clear if you are going to tease me tonight. I can't deal with anything today" HAHA. Wow. He just kinda backed off and did his thing and gave me space. 

I cried a lot that day, for no reason. Then I remembered, Oh shoot, I haven't taken my pills since Thursday night, and maybe that's why I am going so crazy?? It says on the caution thing for the pills to not stop taking them unless you ween your self off of them because they can cause serious side affects. Woops. But then, I realized, holy crap. How did I ever get through a day without my pills before? I feel like I just went to hell and back again right now.. Was I always like this? Did I really cry this much? Was I really this sensitive? And then I thought, this sucks, I have to be on this pill the rest of my life to make me happy. I am a slave to this medicine

It really struck a chord with me. That's sad. But, then I told myself that it's okay! If this is going to help me be myself, then I am okay with it. There is nothing I can do about the fact that I was born with a chemical imbalance in my body that made it hard for me to be happy. And if you are reading this and you suffer from it too, IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! What I can do, is just accept the fact that I am going to be on medicine, and that it's going to make me happy, which makes the people around me happy because I feel like myself. 

So, after I realized (again) that it was okay, I called the doctor, they got a new medicine called over to Walmart thats almost the same as my old one, and I went and picked up the medicine yesterday. 

This medicine is only $4. 

Much better. 

In light of the situation, I feel like I need to say what I have been grateful for lately:

The Gospel

My sweet, understanding, loving, kind husband that loves me so much

This blog. Your sweet comments. Your support. Your love. Even if you are reading this and you hate my blog (which, why would you be reading this if you don't like it?) thanks to must of you for not telling me you hate it. 

My family. They are my support and my anchor!

Diet Coke. Thanks for your refreshing taste...

Goldfish. Yes, I love these orange cracker snacks... oh delish!!

The music from a Fine Frenzy. Such a good band and it seriously sooths me

Crafts. They keep me busy!

My job

Pictures- a picture says a thousand words. 

Dancing- it helps me feel sooo much better

And so my friends,  here's to no more bad days for a while. :)
and if your reading this, your NOT alone. I am here for you. 
peace, love, xoxo. -Gillian

Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentines Day Wreath

 Last night I got the craft itch! I had a few things around the house so I threw together a small vday wreath. 

I got this from the dollar store. 

and 2 of these rolls for a dollar at the dollar store too

I wrapped the crepe paper around the wreath and then made some rosettes. The big flower I did, but actually, Kevin did the smaller ones!!! Not even kidding! I was looking at a website trying to figure out how to do them and I could not for the life of me make them look as pretty as he could. He's my new crafting partner. 

At first I only had 3 rosettes on the bottom, but decided it was too plain. 

So, I added 6 to each side. 

I love it!!

I also bought some pewter charms. One on the left is a moon with a heart shooting across, and the other is a heart with U+Me

On the back of the moon, it says to the moon and back, and the heart one is always. I love them! I plan to have kevin make small holes in them and put them on a charm bracelet. 

In other news, I started this book today. This is about my 10th book for the year so far. I will let you know how it is!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to get a reply to your comment!

Ok all, I came upon this tonight and had to share. I would love to reply to all your comments, but it's hard for you to see if I have replied unless you check back every day on the post you commented on. SO, when I saw this post at House of Smiths (one of my FAVORITE blogs btw!!!) I had to share! She made this little tutorial so you can learn how. I hope she won't mind that I copied it so you can all learn how to change this so I can reply to all your amazing comments!!

She says: "I moderate all my comments, and when they come to my inbox I push "reply" on them to comment back, and if you don't have your email address registered properly in blogger... then I just get this!"

"Want to know how to guarantee a reply from me for EVERY comment you leave?
Follow these easy steps!

First... go to your blogger dashboard,
like so, and click on "edit profile""

"Then all you have to do is make sure that this little box,
that says "show my email address" is checked..."

"Then scroll down and press "save profile'"

So, go do that, and then spread the word! I am hoping to reply to every comment I get now! :)


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