Friday, December 3, 2010

One year older and wiser too..

So, it happened. I had a birthday. And i'm now 22. 22. OLD. Why can't I stay at 21 forever??? Hahaha. Really though, I feel like from here on out, I'm not too young anymore... time is just going to start flying by. Oh well. 21 was pretty good to me. Hopefully 22 delivers a good year too. 

Kevin had to work from 8-3 yesterday and had school from 4:30-9 PM. So, really, I didn't see my husband yesterday. It was quite sad. I had already opened my presents because I picked them out... a purse and a sewing machine :) So my day started off kinda a bummer and I was really sad. I spent the morning alone. I know Kevin felt horrible but he couldn't miss work or school. But I did take a long bubble bath, and read and relax so that was kinda nice. We are going out tonight to celebrate though. I was able to just be by myself and have time for me. Before kevin left to school yesterday, we took some pictures of ourselves. haha. 

we really like to not be normal when we take pictures.

Around 3, my best friend Becca Evans took me to wingers for a late lunch. 
can I just tell you how much I love her?
We met because she is my visiting teaching companion. 
We instantly clicked and became friends off the bat. She is so funny and a good listener. She is also crazy fun and deeply cares about everyone she comes in contact with. She runs marathons. She plays inter mural games at BYU. She is going to school to be a health teacher for high school kids. She is strong in the gospel. She is great with kids. She is smart. she laughs at all my jokes. she pulls in front of buses to pick me up from work to have the bus driver yell at her. (inside joke.. it happened once haha) She is non judgmental. But best of all, she is just a really really good friend and has truly taken me under her wing and been there for me! I'm so grateful to have made such good friends with her! I love ya becs!
We had so much fun at lunch. We talked and talked forever and laughed a lot. Thanks Becca!!!! You made my day!
Here's a pic of her and her hubby alex. Shes a looker. haha!

After I got home from my lunch with Becca, my in laws came over and brought me a card and some money. They are so thoughtful! I love you guys!

Then, my mom came over and gave me a gift! I got some sewing supplies from her! (much needed supplies!!) She helped me figure out some things on my sewing machine as well. It was great to visit with my sweet mommy. I love you mom! Thanks for the gift!

After my mom left, my good friend Jen came over! Ok, she is like one of the most thoughtful people I know. she moved away for the summer and while she was gone, she sent me a $25 gift certificate to target just because. And it came with a cute card she made. Last night, she brought me some fun stuff!

First off, she got me slippers. (how did she know I wanted some slippers?????)

She also got me a beautiful scarf, some cocoa mix, and a jamba juice card!! Talk about my friends spoiling me..

She also brought these huge balloons. Um, shes good at birthdays. Haha. Those balloons were the biggest ones I had EVER seen!! Thanks so much Jen, you are the best!

After that, (as if I hadn't already been spoiled so much) my friend (and visiting teacher) Autumn came and took me to get some cold stone ice cream!! She is ALWAYS bringing me treats to my house. Folks, she is a dang good cook. She always comes just to visit. And look at her amazing hair! (stole this pic from her Facebook) Her hair is even way longer than that now! I covet her hair :) She also gave me a $10 gift card to Hobby Lobby. Man, my friends know me well! Thanks Autumn, you are a great friend! Love you girl!

 Then, my husband came home and we .... had some fun :) All I can say, is I got spoiled and it turned out a GREAT birthday. I also got over 80 birthday wishes on my Facebook. I know because it tells you how many in your notifications. Hahaha. I truly felt loved. I also got many many texts from people and phone calls from my family telling me happy birthday. 

I've seen a few people do this when they have a birthday, so I am going to copy. 

21 brought me my first job in a salon. 
21 brought me the calling as a sunbeam teacher.
21 brought me depression. 
21 brought me happiness.
21 brought me yet ANOTHER surgery. (hand surgery)
21 brought me a new best friend. 
21 brought me more responsibility
21 brought me trials that helped me learn to accept the Lords help
21 brought me a scooter!
21 brought me a trip to Moab for the first time. 
21 brought me the discovery of tim tams. 
21 brought me the love  for crafting and decorating
21 brought me to a funeral of a loved one in May. It opened my eyes. Life's too short.
21 brought me my first anniversary with my hubby. Best first year of my life.
21 brought me Lake Powell for the first time. 
21 brought me a closer relationship with my sister Kaitlin. 
21 brought weddings of many many friends
You were good to me.

Let's make 22 just as good. How about, EVEN BETTER. 


The Duke said...

I'm glad that you had friends come over last night. I hated leaving you alone! Sounds like you had a great birthday.
I love you.... your mommy.

Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

Wow, sounds like you had one heck of a year! I'm glad to hear that there are so many people in your life that care so much about you & helped make your day a very special one. I can't wait to hear how 22 is workin out for ya ;)

The Dayleys said...

It sounds like you had a ROCKIN birthday!! :) I'm glad you had such a great day!! Here's to 22 ;)

Katie Jeanne said...

It sounds like u ended up being a great day! Welcome to 22! Happy Birthday!

Kira And James Morris said...

Im so happy you had a great birthday. You truly deserve it! You have so many people who love you. AND WITH GOOD REASON. Who wouldn't. You're just too cute.

It sounds quite similar to my 22 birthday back in July. I posted on my blog if you want to go back and read.

Congrats. and May this year be just as good if not better


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