Wednesday, December 1, 2010


 I have been making a bunch of red and earthy toned headbands and bows lately since Christmas is coming and I figure I ought to try something new! This first headband below is something I have had forever, but I cant decide what bow I want on it. 

simple satin burned bow

this one was made the same way the tutorial I posted yesterday was. This is one of my faves. So pretty and classy.

Easy bow. Not the best I've ever made... but it works.


Love this one.... this one speaks to me! I just love burlap

and one more burlap one. 

Hoe ya'all enjoyed my new bows. For sale in the salon if your interested.


Jena said...

I want the red one and the white one. please and thank you.



PaigeE said...

Oooh, stylin'!


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