Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A new addition to the front table

Last night, I sat in our living room with the Christmas lights on, just thinking about how much I love when the tree is up. I love it. This is my classy corner.  My sister in law gave me that chair, to take care of since they moved and couldn't take it with them. I love it. It used to be blue, but her sister re upholstered it. Now, its sitting under the temple pictures of my babe and I. The stockings are now hung. (our dollar store ones from last year hahaha) and our tree is lit. Look at that beauty. 

This is my favorite decoration. My sister Lindsey sent it to me from Germany for Christmas last year. I loooove Santa. :) My mom has a santa collection and I decided I wanted to get one going too. So, thanks Linds, I started my collection because of you!

I finally started to set up my front table last night. As you can tell, I really REALLY like candles. 

I love the top of my tree.

Here are the new additions to our front table. 

First off, the merry christmas candle holder. 3$ at hobby lobby.

Second off, the vase with some red balls and some glittery sticks out of it. This all cost me about 12 dollars to make. I bought the vase alone. The balls were strings of little red balls, that I just shoved in to the vase. I then added the sticks that I got in the floral depertment from hobby lobby. 

I had a few extra red sticks stuff so I ripped them off and added them to my garland outside

and to my wreath. 

Today, I made this little sign! I made it in my digital scrapbook program and then printed it out. I got the frame at the dollar store, painted it blue, and then brushed red over it. I then sanded it a little and put it on my front table.

You are welcome to click on this picture to see the full size, save it, and use it to make a sign of your own. If you do, I just ask that you please link back to me. Thanks!

Happy decorating!


The Duke said...

I really like the vase with the red balls in them. Cute!

Michelle said...

I like the vase with the red balls in them too. Very cute decorating ideas.

chelsey said...

One easy thing to do with candles is to wrap the outside of it with a cute scrapbook paper. Find ones that look like aspen bark, glitter, or other christmas decor and coordinate them with the season. I love candles too! Very cute stuff going on in that house of yours!

Lokodi said...

I love where you put your santa. Glad you like it. I have a nice santa collection too. It's fun. Germany makes all different kinds of santas. Also, all the places we travel, I try looking for different looking santas. It's been fun. Your tree is really pretty. I wish you could come decorate mine.


Restorative Living said...

Thanks for your help with the photo editing dilemma! I need to check out picnik...I keep hearing great things about it!

Alex and Becca said...

loveeee it! i loveee christmas!


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