Friday, December 10, 2010

Just call us the best babysitters

Our sister in law and kevs brother got tickets to the Christmas Devotional last Sunday, so they asked us to take charge for the afternoon! They have 3 girls, Clara, Olivia, and Jane. Clara is 4, Olivia is almost 2, and the baby is almost 1. We love babysitting them. They are so good! But for some reason, they just LOOOVE Kevin! Haha, well I do too, so I guess I could see why. 

Let me tell you the story behind this picture. We were all watching Mulan 2 and I was laying on the couch in kevs arms. Olivia was on the ground right next to us. I got up because I could smell a stinky diaper from the baby and went to change it. Well, Olivia, jumped right up, and layed next to kevin, put the covers on herself, and snuggled right into Kev! I could not believe it haha. She was giggling, like she knew she had just stolen my spot :) So I got up and was like "what! you cant steal my spot!" and she just giggled and snuggled even closer to kevin. It was the funniest and cutest thing. I never got my spot back. 

This is Jane! Shes so cute. She is literally the happiest baby I have ever met. She never cries. I had made some baby headbands that I needed to see if they fit a baby, so I brought them over and made all the girls model my new headbands and bows haha. 

Clara is a little helper. She loves to help out with anything and knows just what her baby sisters need if they are sad.

The baby liked Kevs arms too! What is this?

Just makes me smile, hes gonna be such a good dad. I love my husband so very much. 

Well, thats it. We loved baby sitting! And pretty sure they loved us. :) We had so much fun running around to music, eating dinner, playing with toys, reading books, and being silly. Just call us the best babysitters in the world. :)

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Mike and Adrianne said...

Aside from the fact that Kevin is probably just fun and loving, he looks very much like his brother (just different hair and younger) and he probably has a personality similar to his brother. Therefore, of course they love him! He probably reminds him of their dad.


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