Sunday, December 12, 2010

date night

I love date night. We hardly have date night because we have such busy weeks that we just want to lay at home and snuggle all weekend and watch movies. 

But when we do go out, we have so much fun. I have the best date in the world- my hubby! 
he is my BEST friend, eternal spouse, and love of my life. 
Date night with him is just the best thing EVER!
I Think I might have posted about this date night last year. I was just looking through old pictures tonight and found these. It was one of my favorites that we have had so far as married peeps. We went to Park City to eat at Baja Cantina, walk around Park City, shop at the outlets, and eat some yummy rocky mountain caramel apples. Here are some pics from that night. 

This was when my hair was yellow. yes, yellow. I've been through this stage many times...
I love getting dressed up though for dates. 

Here is us at dinner. Love that place

Kevins favorite place to snowboard is the canyons, so he showed me around a bit.

He makes me laugh. 

He gives me butterflies. and makes my heart melt. 

Top model. 

haha where did his hand go?

We went on a date this weekend too, to sammys and then we planned to go to a movie, but decided to get in our pjs and snuggle on the couch and watch a movie at home. Just being with him is good enough for me, although its fun to dress up and go out. 

We are going to see the Temple Square lights this coming week, and eat at the Pie. Can't WAIT! 

So date night. my favorite. 
where's your favorite place to go on dates to?

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