Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Stocking TUTORIAL

My sister in law wanted me to make some stockings for her and her family for Christmas this year. We drew their name. I just got my sewing machine at the end of November, and these are by no means perfect.... but they turned out pretty good I think and I love the fabric! She has already seen these, so I thought I could post them. She just doesn't know whats going inside of them :)

This is what they will look like.

Ok, so My mom and I made up our own pattern. We got newspaper and cut out what would be the top part and then the length of the stocking. You can be the judge of how big you want them. 

So, cut out the top first. 

Then you can cut out the stocking. 

I started with the top first. I ironed down a little on each side

Then, I sewed the sides I ironed down. 

It will look like this.

My mom helped me make a ruffle. I don't have pictures of how to make it, so, you can find out how to make a ruffle at this website

I then pinned the ruffle on the top, and sewed right down the middle.

After that step, go ahead and iron down a little bit on the top of your stocking. Then, sew it down.

After you are finished, you can pin it to the front of the stocking. 

Then, proceed to pin all of the stocking together. Remember, right sides together, inside out.

After you sew it, it will look like this. 

To help shape it up a bit, you can do some trimming on the top layer of the stocking. Do not cut the thread.

In the part the folds in, make some notches to help it fold in better.

On the parts that are round edges, cut straight lines to help it stretch.

And turn it inside out, and you are DONE!

I made a few different styles, but you get the idea. 

I made a flower to go on this one for one of the little girls.

What do you think? Hopefully you can understand this tutorial. I know it's not perfect, but hey, for my very first project, it's pretty dang good. Thanks Mom for your help!


Debbie Barr said...

Cute! I can't believe that this will be our third Christmas as a couple and I haven't made any stockings, yet! I've been looking for some good ideas, but haven't found anything I've loved yet. Maybe I'll just try out sewing with some cute fabric!

The Duke said...

Keep going -- you'll get them done. I like the bow and rick-rack as decorations.

Alex and Becca said...

You're just too dang good!

Team Clark said...

They are so cute. Thank you for doing this! I can't wait to have them hanging...somewhere...maybe on the fireplace? But on what...?


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