Thursday, December 30, 2010

christmas in a nutshell

It was delightful. 
We ran around like crazy people trying to please both of our families, but we sure had fun doing it. 

This is the big, fat, amazing, full of fun photos christmas post! 
Excuse me for not posting sooner. Our power chord on the laptop broke, so we had to order a new one from amazon. It took about a week all together. I died without the computer. It's sad how much I use it... oh well. 

We were soo happy to have my brother dave and his wife tana and their new baby love in elk ridge for xmas. it was so much fun! I admit I wish I could have seen them more... baby love was adorable. she stole kev's heart away. and mine of course. 

here we are packing up our crap for xmas at the parents. we started off xmas eve at 4 pm at his parents house. we let them open our presents, and then we ate a little with them. 

we got kevs dad some hickory farms stuff and a book.

kevs mom got a flat iron and hair stuff from us.

our neice brought their new yorkie to kevs parents house. her name is paris! the cutest dog

baby love and my el guapo.

this makes me smile. huge.

this makes me laugh. lots. im such a nerd

this makes me happy. glad ammon is still with us. 

apparently my mom didn't get the sexy memo

my mom made a yummy turkey dinner. we went to their house xmas eve around 6:30. 

of course I snuck in some time with baby love

she loves me

i did glitter toes on my niece ellas toes. she is so funny, she always has to have her toes and fingers painted. I have grown to love this little girl so much. she clings to me like cling wrap. she loves to dance and sing and be silly. i love her so much!

here is ella bella and me!

bed time!

remember the stocking tutorial i posted? well, i finished all of them, and put their names on them. here is ellas.

my brother jess came on xmas morning and brought their kids and his wife. this is their new baby austin! such a cutie, and sooo little!

he makes my heart skip a beat.

me on xmas morning in my new cashmere scarf kev bought me.

kev made my mom shadow boxes for xmas. i painted them, and bought the candles. we used a frame they had and a vase and filled it with sand and shells. we plan to put a white flower in it to give it some height. i love them! this was for their bathroom.

my family eats homemade pizza every xmas. my mom makes enough pizzas to feed an army. like 8 or 9 pizzas. 

haha she tried to make a face

i was in charge of 'dressing' the pizzas. like my cute santa apron?? its my moms. 

me and my neice lauren

my sister adrianne made me this adorable bag! i love it so much. maybe she will do a tutorial on here! (Adrianne, please???) what do you all think?

all in all, our xmas was so much fun. although, i do look forward to having our own xmas and own traditions someday. it gets pretty loud at our parents with all the kids and family members running around. my siblings and I are all kinda alike.... so if you can imagine a bunch of me in a room, you imagine its pretty loud right. talking over people, interrupting people, singing, playing music, laughing, watching tv, wow. it gets intense. but, I wouldnt change it for anything. it's my life in a nutshell. glad my husband can put up with it!!

i hope you all had a fantastic christmas and remembered why we celebrate it. I'm grateful for my savior and redeemer Jesus Christ. 

look out for tooons of new posts coming soon! 
I made a new wreath, been making some wood blocks for my bedroom, been making some sewing projects (like crayon rolls) and guess what- I have tutorials for ALL of them. And guess what else. I am sharing them all with you!!! So, check back soon. 

One more thing. two FUN amazing giveaways are coming soon!!!!!

personalized journals! I will be giving one away in january. stay tuned!

happy new year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

things you should know if you wanna be my BFF....

if you wanna be my bff, you might want to know some weird facts about me before you make that decision...

i'm a singer. thats me singing 'love heals' at one of my concerts in high school. i always wanted to be a professional singer and make it big. 

i cant believe im posting this, but here ya go. 3 years ago... 

i get anxiety when i'm in a lake or ocean. the fear of knowing someone could grab me from underneath me... thats why when i get in the water, i either have a life jacket on, or a floaty. im a baby.

i love the look of nails on my fingers, but always rip them off the day after i got them. no joke

my cousin tessa, was the one who encouraged me to get help with depression.. she passed away in may from it and i will always remember her when i decided to get help. never again will i suffer alone.

im obsessed with blistex. obsessed people. i always have 3 in my purse incase i run out

 although my brothers and mom and dad will not like that i posted this picture, it reminds me of my skinny body once upon a time on my honeymoon... i look at this picture probably once a week to motivate me to loose all the weight i've gained from being lazy, and being on pills that make me pack on the weight. i someday will be even skinnier than that. when i was in high school, i was 20 pounds lighter than this picture too... (no joke. I really was.)

i always have to have my toed painted. i hate the look of bare toenails

i loooove hotels. absolutly. i wish i could stay in one once a week. not have to clean, more comfy beds (in some of them) room service, pools... its kinda nice... 

i'm accident prone. and thats why i have had 5 surgeries. i have bad luck.. not sure best friends want my bad luck!

i hate to hang up clothes, and often, this is what my room looks like. the rest of my house will be spotless, but the room, untouched. i hate it. 

i puff my hair. 

birthdays are a huge deal to me. HUGE. my kids will have GOOD birthdays and fun parties. 

i'm a dancer. have been for 17 years. most people havent seen me dance in a long time because i had to quit because my knees got bad and i got double knee surgery.  i love going to concerts and talking about the girl who had amazing technique, or the girl who you can tell has never had technique. i'm a big critique-r

in 2007, this is what my body looked like. flat belly. how i long to get that back again... also, i love ice cream and was at the blue bunny factory in st. george in this pic.

i'm a licensed cosmetologist. 
but stop asking me for discounts unless your family. i don't make money if you dont pay. thanks :)

i love to take pictures. especially of my sister because she lets me do her hair makeup and style her.

i love to color. i love coloring books. i love crayons. i just love all of it.

when im sick, steer clear. or, make me soup, tickle my back, and watch movies with me. (double ear infection, sinus infection, and cold on the way to cali in this pic.)

i need ab out 9-10 hours of sleep to make it so i don't get a headache or ornery. 

another proof that im obsessed with taking pictures...

i like my cell phone. i could not live without it. but, it bugs me SO BAD when someone asks me something over a text that would take longer to text than to call and explain. texting has been bugging me as of late. especially because people think they can just text to keep in touch and not really call or visit me. hate it.

i live through my musical theater students. i love all of them. i love teaching. i love singing and dancing. i love being at the studio. i love it all, and miss it all. 

i hate public bathrooms. they are disgusting. i even have a hard time going potty in someone else's house. 

i bruise sooo easy. i got birthday pinches from my friend and literally bruises showed up everywhere.

i have curly hair, but never wear it this way because my husband hates it

im obsessed with chips. 

i could drink a diet coke a day. if you wanna be my bff, bring me a diet coke. 

i hate when people read my blog and then think they know whats going on in my life so they never call or visit. because of the fact that they read my blog, they never bother to really interact with me in person. one person in my ward does that, and it bugs me. so if you wanna be my bff, don't just read my blog, talk to me in person or on the phone. (do other bloggers feel that way?)

and thats it. i'm looking for some BFF's. so, join the challenge, and post about what i need to know about you before we can be bff's.


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