Sunday, November 14, 2010

fancy shmancy!

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving coming up, I thought I would share a few things I am grateful for, and a few things I am just loving right now. 

Hot chocolate. The season is in full force my friends. At work, we have a hot chocolate station, and boy, it is awesome! Love it. Nothing beats my moms homemade hot cocoa though. 

I'm loving my CLEAN station right now. I love that it's full of my favorite products. Full of colorful things. That it's mine. 

Love my headband for pony tail days. I've started wearing red a little more even though I've never really loved it.

Love my yellow flowers that my thoughtful husband brought home. 

love this paper that my sister in law got me! Thanks Sharese! She bought a box of 12 packs like this one for $1. YEA! ONE dollar! Holy Cow! The school district was having a huge surplus sale and getting rid of stuff so she got me some :)

Loving this new bow I made today. My first attempt at making one like it. It was harder than it looks. Once I have it down, I will share my secret. I like that I can wear it in my hair, or on my shirt.

I love these two products. Could not get through my day without them. Small talk and after party. You rock my world!

I love good deals. And Christmas packaging is already coming out! YAY! Got all this stuff for sale at the salon. 

I love the decor me and Lauren put up at the salon. So cute! Grateful to have a job.

Grateful for this smiley girl Abby. (my niece.) She is always so sweet and well behaved.

So grateful for my sister Katy. She has been there for me SO much these last few months. I could not have made it through some of my trials without her. She has been my best friend. I love her so much. And, we went and got her a laptop the other day. So crazy that she has one now! She was at my house till midnight friday while we listened to music, danced, and played around on her new laptop. 

Loving this new bow I made. So fancy shmancy!

Loving my kitchen... I went to hobby lobby and got these 3 things for 20 dollars all together. The middle thing is a chalk board! Cant wait to write my meal plan on it tomorrow.. AND, I LOVE that apron hanging. My sister in law sharese made it for me and I wear it every time I cook. I love ittttt!!!

Loving that I moved this magnent board out of the kitchen and into our bedroom. It helps fill empty space. 

GRATEful for this. It has helped me sleep the last few nights. 

Loving that I finished this. The "M" was like 1.00 at hobby lobby. I painted it and hot glue gunned it to the frame.

LOVE that it's boot season! I LOVE boots!!!!!!! Especially these! So comfy! (Charlotte Russe.)

And loving that it's now time to sleep and snuggle my husband. Night!


Eliza Durrant said...

jilly! i miss you! such a cute post. we need to hang out so i can see it all in real life! love you!

chelsey said...

Cute stuff! Your apt looks so cutely decorated!

You need to come out and teach me all your cute bow making skills!

Jess and Jen said...

I love the M in the frame. I am going to do the same thing in Abby and Leah's room with an A and C! -Jen


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