Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Plain boring updates and a tender mercy

It's been a while since I've just done a plain ol boring update.

Kev and I have been soooo busy this last month.

I have worked a ton. Thank goodness. Being booth rent is kinda scary because you are easily spending 350 a month at LEAST on color and booth rent.. and if you don't make a ton extra to cover that and then make quadruple that, then you are loosing a bunch. So Booth rent is kinda scary. But I like it because of the freedom to do so. I might have to raise my prices a little though...

I have been scrapbooking a ton for someone. But, our computer is almost out of space so that has been putting a cramp in my style.. I have not been able to get things done as fast as I would like because our computer is being soooo slow!!

It's also harder because now that it's cold we cant drive the scooter... so back to one form of transportation. Therefore, I take kev to work, pick him up, take him to school, pick him up... Reason he doesn't just take the car is because my schedule at work is all over the place. I worked till 10 PM the other night. It's just never the same schedule, so usually, I take the car. But because of that, we fill up our dang car like twice a week. It sucks.

Kevin is CRAZY busy with school and work. I never see him it seems like! He is working his butt off though and I'm so proud of him. His accounting class has been super hard for him but so far he is passing haha.

Our heater has been going for a while now. It's always freezing at our apartment. I think its because the windows are soo horrible and old. They definitely need new windows here.

Kev and I are planning on doing some black friday shopping. Look out for us at walmart and old navy! We plan to get a new laptop and some clothes and maybe a few other things.

It's my little sister Kaitlin's 19th birthday today. Holy cow. I cant believe she is 19. She seems like she was just in high school. But shes all grown up now! She has become my best friend, I could not make it through some days without her! So happy bday katydid, I love you! (and that means 8 days till my birthday!)

I started on a depression medication. I wasn't sure if I was going to share that, but I feel like it's good to be open about it. So, yea. I am starting to feel like maybe it's working. It's only been a week, but I can tell that I have felt a lot better already. The first few days I started taking it, I was extremely tired, and could hardly stay awake, but I think my body was just trying to get used to a new medication. But It will be about 3 weeks till I can tell the whole effect of it. So far though, good. I feel much better. I was amazed because I had debated about getting help with depression for a looong time, but after praying about it, I felt like ok, I can't do this alone, it's time to go get some professional help. So, I did, and when I went to the doctor, I started telling her how I felt and that I had previously been on some medication for it 3 years ago. She cried as I told her how I felt about myself sometimes, and I cried too. I felt like the spirit was wrapping a warm blanket around me because my doctor was so sympathetic and sensitive and really truly listened to me and I felt like she understood me. She gave me lots of advice, and free samples to last me till I see her next. I had told her that I wanted to come in a while ago, but we don't have insurance, so I didn't think we could keep affording appointments, but after praying about it, felt like it was the best decision to go in now. After the visit was over,  I went to the front desk to pay, and the girl went to go get the billing sheet. She came back without a billing sheet and a smile on her face and just said "Dr. Dayton wants to treat you for free." I had tears in my eyes, but a big smile on my face and just in AWE! I mean, really?? It made my day, and confirmed the fact that I did indeed need to get this taken care of. I'm not ashamed to be on the medication. It will help me get back to normal! I mean, God puts modern medicine in our reach to help us with things like this because we can't all be perfect! I just felt so happy and loved and I went into my car and just cried and cried and felt so much better! What a tender mercy in my life. Kevin was grateful too.

For thanksgiving tomorrow, I'm in charge of the mashed potatoes, and deviled eggs. Can't wait! I guess deviled eggs were brought upon our family by my sister in law Michelle (which I found out today.. I thought it was always just something we did as a family!) So, thanks Michelle, I looooove deviled eggs! :)

Today, I am grateful for tender mercies of the Lord. We have to prove to him we will trust him and have faith in him before he can humble us and give us answers to our prayers. I am also so grateful for my doctor who really truly helped me out and served me.


Michelle said...

What a wonderful thing for you! You must have been guided to that doctor! Love ya Gill!!!!

Lokodi said...

Wow, what a wonderful doctor. That's truely an answered prayer right there sis. Thanks for sharing.


Kira And James Morris said...

You are so brave and bold. You have strong testimony and You help remind me whats important. You also help remind me to write these wonderful Tender Mercies down. You are a wonderful girl who speaks out to my heart. I will keep you in my prayers and Im so proud of you for everything you do. Stay strong. :)


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