Sunday, November 28, 2010

O Christmas Tree

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Yay! Oh how I love this season.. The snowy nights and Christmas music, the tree, the lights, the food, the giving, the receiving, and the remembering of the Saviors birth. 

First off before I start into the christmas stuff, I gotta share what we did for Thanksgiving. We were in charge of the mashed potatoes. K, we were planning on 37 people eating at Kevin's parents house, so I used the rule of one potato per a person. I used real potatoes, not instant. It took us an hour to get those things cooked! (and 3 pans!) Haha. They were soo yummy, but we made way too much and had lots left over. We ate at his parents house, and then went to my parents for some pie and hang out time. It was a good day! After that, we were watching dogs and house sitting someones house in Spanish Fork, so we went there and watched movies and went to bed EARLY (like 9) so we could get up to shop early the next morning!

The next morning, we got up at 4:30 and headed straight to Walmart. We wanted to get an HP laptop that was on sale for 300, but we didn't get there early enough so we didn't get it :( However, we ended up getting a GPS, and a sewing machine!! I was soo happy about that. The sewing machine is my birthday present.

We then went to Old Navy and bought us some fleece pj pants, and a shirt for me, and two shirts for Kevin. We then went back to Spanish fork and tried to get back to sleep!! We only slept for like 2 hours and then couldn't sleep anymore. We bummed around allll day long playing their play station and piano, and watching movies. It was sooo incredibly nice to have a relaxing day! We went home around 5 that night and then set up our tree!!

We got our prelit tree that is 6.5 feet tall at Walmart last year for $30 on black friday. I don't love it, because it's very bare, but it works for us! 

This wont rotate. Sorry. But just imagine. :) I love the way it's decorated!!!!

We also got some garland and wrapped some lights around it for the railing to our front door. I plan to jazz it up a little more with some more ribbon and more lights or something. 

Our front door wreath lights up, but there is no way for us to light it up because if you opened the door, it would pull the plug out.. haha! I plan on putting my cute ornament wreath up here, and putting this in the window or something. 

We also woke up to a bunch of snow this morning!!! Soo happy about that!

Got this at the dollar store last year. Last year I wasn't much into decorations but now that I am, I want to go to Tai Pan and get a few things!

Ok, don't laugh. But today, I got my sewing machine out and made a stocking. I really had no idea what I was doing. Trust me, I have no idea how to sew.... But I made this up.. haha! I just kinda cut out a shape, and started sewing. It looks ridiculous... but I plan to get REALLY good at sewing and make some cute things with it. For now, laugh at my first project. 


But super excited about this! I love it!

More decor. Santa letters and my metal christmas trees!

Love the top of our tree.

This coming month, we hope to do these things:

have a friend christmas dinner
go ice skating at the gallivin center in SLC
see the lights at temple square
go snowboarding
get our christmas shopping done in 2 weeks!
get christmas gifts/treats put together for our friends and neighbors
watch as many christmas movies as possible
eat lots of good food :)
listen to christmas music, lots and lots of it!
go sledding
drink lots of hot chocolate
and any other christmas related activities... :)


Jess and Jen said...

I am so glad that you guys got some fun stuff on Black Friday. Jess got a GPS this year and we used it when we went to California this summer. It was so awesome to have! We never even used a map once!

And a sewing machine! You'll love having it. You have so much motivation to craft and try new things that I'm sure you'll be a pro in no time! -Jen

chelsey said...

Looks great Gilly! And enjoy that sewing machine! It's a must have for crafty people like you!!

The Duke said...

Love your tree and all your cute crafts. You sewing machine looks like a very nice one. I'll have to drop by and see it.

syd.chris said...

i love it! way to go getting up for black friday shopping! I cannot live with out my GPS, its so addicting! plus, right now i am in a new area with no idea where i am most of the time it gets so useful! and your tree looks AMAZING! I love how crafty you are and all your homemade decor looks awesome. A sewing machine is on my christmas list! i want one so bad, you'll have to tell me how yours is! i dont know too much about sewing either ;)
have a good day!

Kira And James Morris said...

I only got one thing on Friday. A movie at walmart for 2 bucks (normally 20) so i thought that was pretty good deal! I love your decor! So cute!


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