Friday, October 8, 2010

While I should be cleaning

I really should be cleaning. But I'm blogging. And making Headbands. And taking stupid pictures of myself. 

Does this look better with the flowers right there?

Here is my new Halloween Bow. Well, all of these next pictures are probably going to be turned into headbands, but for now I just took a picture of them because I was out of the headbands. 

My Vintage one. I loooove this one

Scraps from some old pajama pants. I freaking love this one too! So cute on a stretchy headband!

I have no idea what this is. This is extra material from an old dress I have. I kinda just experimented and threw it together. 

This one is not perfect. I made this one up too. I cut all the little pieces into triangles and then folded them over once, and then the corners in. They aren't the same size. I think if I did it again, I would do them all the same size and it would look better. But I still like it. 

And These I have made lots before. I burned the edges of the felt to give it more of a rustic look. 

Sorry the lighting is bad. I'm not too good at lighting and taking pictures yet. 

So on other notes:

*this week I made good money at the salon! I am finally getting busy! YAY. 
*I got insurance!!! I was able to sign up on my mom's insurance until I am 26. So 5 more years folks. 
*My husband is ALWAYS doing homework. :(
*I still have a cold.
*I watched the newsies this week. I forgot how much I love that movie. I'm the king of New York!!!
*Fall Break is next week. 
*I spend too much money on decorations
*Its been raining all week, but yet my husbands still been driving the scooter to work and school. Sorry babe!
*We need another car. PRONTO
*I found out my sister is prego, and my sister in law is prego. So many babies. It's like not even exciting anymore. Well, it is. But not as much as when we heard about the first few. Kevin and I have 46 nieces and nephews. 
*I still havent decided what to be for Halloween. 
*I need a good book to read.
*my friend just called so I need to stop typing. Bye. 


Jess said...

46?! Holy cow! Awesome AND crazy. need to give me lessons on being crafty. I am in no way creative with decorations and hair accessories...and since you are the queen, you should teach me. :)

PaigeE said...

I've been crafting lots lately too. My sister really wants me to make her little girls headbands and flower clips so you should do more tutorials because I said. I miss you tons! No really, I miss you. Tons.

Alex and Becca said...

Okay I loveeee the vintage oneee! I want I want.

Lacey said...

Cute blog Gillian! You are so creative! :)

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

First off--46!!! That is crazy!

Second, have you read the Hunger Game series? i am reading them now and a very entertaining easy read.

third, your headbands ROCK!!!

Jennifer and Sean said...

hey my sister is selling her buick for 4,500. its way nice in side and it runs great? if your interested let me know, and i was thinking i need a hair change but i don't know what to do any ideas?


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